Friday, January 8, 2010

Craft night update, O, aaand it's Friday. YAY!

It turns out it takes more time to do all those things I had planned then one would think.

I skipped the ski pant search, will be doing that tonight after work. Did get to Eves Rocher because I needed more shamp/cond. Check out the free mug and spoon!! I got two of each. Love.

As predicted me and M. went out and had a lovely dinner at Dimitres, where we ate yummy food, discussed our holiday adventures and dished some girly gossip. <3

We made it to Michaels and got completely swept up by the place. There were so many goodies! I almost forgot what I was originally going for. Also everything was on clearance, so I couldn’t say no to anything…

blank barrettes was one of the things i meant to pick up

Couldn't resist the cheap cute ribbon

Then silly me, I accidentally went into the jewelry making section and found these little jems on clearance. I'm actually surprised I didn't get more...I was picking them up left and right.

Weird bird thing but I love it.

Lovely fox.

Antique scissors.

Golden owl.

Sewing machine.

The white rabbit.

Some biiiirds.

And some relaxing yoga-esk pieces <3.

Can't wait to make some new necklaces (i have really wide excited eyes right now!)

After our lengthy visit to Michaels, we went to Walmart to get some fabric. Next time we will hit up Fabricville. The Walmart selection was a little lacking...but we managed to find some cute 1.97/m prints, so all turned out well.

I also got these and have been chowing down on them all day. NOM NOM.

By the time we left it was already past 9pm, so I decided to call it a night and reschedule our actual crafting for another time.

Lovely lovely evening all around :)

Tonight, I must venture off to find ski pants. Later on I plan on getting together with some good people at the James Joyce pub. Not too much drinking though tonight, as nobody wants to puke off the chairlift. Right, Whitney? Tomorrow I probably won't have time to blog because we are leaving early for crabbe, then I am heading to a friends to celebrate his birthday and to an engagement party of one of my favorite sorority sisters <3.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

ps i love saying lovely right now. did you notice?


samboy said...

i wonder if the mini eggs taste the same! :) x

WhitneyAlaina said...

you should probably make me pretty barretts ;) i shall pay.

brit said...

EEP! I would like a necklace/earrings made out of each of those jewelry pieces please!!! they are ALL my style, and YOU KNOW IT lol. Umm white rabbit = amazing!

brit said...

oh and btw, i know why you're saying "lovely" all the time. a certain sister of yours who was just visiting you says it on a regular basis. copy cat. <3

mahuahua said...

i LOVE the gems and little craft knick knacks you found!can't wait to see what you make with them:) x

TJayne said...

I must go to Micheals. Immediatly.
I'm sad I missed this. :(

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