Wednesday, January 6, 2010

As light as a feather

Not to be outdone by someone who will remain unnamed, I must blog!

Today began not so good. I was up super late last night watching the international juniors hockey final, Canada vs USA, so I had to drag myself out of bed this morning after only 4 hours of sleep. Got to my carpool and was planning on napping immediately. Nope, ended up talking about carpools and moving to Saint John for an hour and a half. Turns out the girl I've been riding with is going to start staying down in SJ with her bf a couple days a week. So, I got to work exhausted and carpooless(as of next monday). Also I did Body Combat at Goodlife fitness yesterday and I think I pulled something in my arm from doing all those punches and jabs. I have literally taken 8 ibuprofen so far today! and it's still sore! It was so fun tho. (The teacher kept getting us to picture our opponent and pretend we were really punching and kicking someone...guess who I was picturing...if you can't guess I'll be talking about him about 3 paragraphs from now)

So while grumpily sitting at my computer, extremely distraught at the prospect of moving and having to pay a monthly rent, searching kijiji for cheap SJ bachelor pads, I got a call.

It was a gentleman from one of the carpools I had contacted to join.

*Dramatically hold breath here*

I met with them this afternoon and pending my approval, I am soon to be a member of a 3 man 1 woman carpool with 4 drivers (if i so dain to drive, which i think i will), where I don't have to pay and will only have to drive once a week and twice every 4th week, instead of paying $75 a week. cha CHING! Wow, if im confusing anyone sorry i know i have never mentioned the shite problems ive have with my work carpool, but the short story is that mine disbanded, i didnt have a drive, i was going to have to move to sj, and NOW i dont, ze end. (ps i totally stole 'shite' from sb's blog speak)

Talked to my supervisor today, finally back from his vacation with old man newly dyed black hair (chuckle chuckle) and he gave me a sweet new fresh workload! As odd as it sounds, I can't wait to start working on this stuff. It's really good work, like meat and potatoes kinda good work.

Also, I lent Colin $5 yesterday cuz he forgot his wallet, and today he sent me this:

From: Boyd, Colin
Sent: January 06, 2010 10:44 AM
To: Fraser, Tyler

Could I interest you in lunch today, my treat buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudy

And we went, it was so romantic!

HAHAHAHAHAHA, Just kidding. Brendon came too, but Colin did buy me lunch, so at least he paid up. He can be dangerously sweet and funny sometimes, which makes my heart flutter stupidly. Gaaah. Friends. Friends. We are just friends. (Repeat while banging head fruitlessly against desk until brain computes)


samboy said...

yay i am influential! :) x

Robyn M. said...

boys like that never leave their girlfriends and if they do its only for a very brief time..or they cheat which makes them especially douchy and not nice sweet boys despite appearences.

Plaid Guru said...

yes, i agree with you roro, 100%! but you know logic does not come into play in these things. i don't like him anyways, you crazy.

TJayne said...

bahaha. Did it eventually compute or do you just have a bruise? ;)
I have been with a guy like him, they are very persuasive & pushy when they want to be and sometimes come back to haunt you, ha ha.

the cat whisperer said...

You were non-romantically punching poor Colin!

Sounds like the carpool thing worked out just in time. I can't wait until hovercrafts are a more plausible option.

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