Tuesday, January 5, 2010

31 blogs in 31 days and Crabbe

I just felt like reiterating this fact: I successfully blogged 31 times in 31 days (over the month of December)

Can I get a WHOOP, WHOOP?

This was a goal that I’d made for myself to be an adamant blogger. Turned out it wasn’t too hard, since lots I wrote about was rubbish. BUT it was still lots of fun and I feel a job well done.

(m’escuse on the rhyming)

This month I may try for something more drastic. Not two for each day of the month, but maybe like 1 and a half? Depends on how early I get to work or how bored I am at lunch I suppose…anywho I hope you all enjoyed last months ridiculous blogging, and buckle up for more to come.

Right now I am at work eating Sweet Tart Shockers. Mmmmmm sour then chewy goodness. It’s been a pretty good day today and yesterday. Been lovely weather out. I am sitting at my desk right now in my favorite sneakers with a tshirt on and my window thrown wide open.

And on the subject of me at work, I know what you all are really wondering about: what is up with the Colin situation!

Just kidding, I can see you eye rolling at the screen. I don’t think I am fully over him yet, but I think I’m definitely on my way. I have this thing where if I think it’ll go somewhere then it’s like, impossible for me to get over, and I will just bust my brain thinking about it.

Well, I know that it’s going nowhere fast with Col ever since our one and only talk before the Christmas holiday, so my brain is just automatically getting over it. It’s good too, cuz I am still behaving the same around him and he to me except that I’m like, Blah blah bli blah! I don’t care la la la! It’s a lot more comfortable and healthy and still good fun. (which I need lots of with my desk buddy gone)

I did receive some nice msgs over the holiday from a certain other boy (specifically Josh, who came to the sorority Christmas party with me). He went home to Toronto for the break and should be back anytime. Who knows! Maybe he’ll text me again and we’ll do something this weekend. (I’ll keep you posted ;) )

CRABBE. I agreed to accompany bestie whitney to the ski hill, Crabbe Mountain, this Saturday. We are snowboarding…:| Trouble is I do not know how to snowboard well at all… I may end up wussing out or else go early and get a morning lesson when there is no one else on the hill so I wont embarrass myself. And oh yeah, I don’t even have ski pants. Should probably get on that since I don’t even have any sporty trackies I could wear either. WHY am I not the same size as I was in high school, god dammit!

So, if I abruptly stop blogging it’s cuz I’m skewered somewhere in the wilderness on a tree.

Love love love to you all. Stay tuned for a playlist to be posted as soon as I’m finished with it.


Robyn M. said...

you are silly..also keep blogging everyday because I LOVE IT AND I LOVE YOU!!!

WhitneyAlaina said...

BAHAHA i'll try not to let you get impaled on a tree. although i myself am a tad rusty. that said i need to try on ski pants. if they don't fit we can make a shopping trip out of this.

the cat whisperer said...

WHAT IS UP W/ THE COLIN SITCH! Haha. Do you have a Twitter account? I can see you madly retweeting these things :)

Sweet Tart Shockers are the business.

TJayne said...

I'm glad you are healthily getting over him!
I myself suck at snowboarding, but am not a terrible skier.
Can't wait to hear more on Josh.

Plaid Guru said...

i should really get one actually. the colin sitch is BULLSHIT! lol he is just another dumb boy.

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