Monday, December 28, 2009

Agent 92

Over the years of regularly going out in downtown Fredericton, we have accumulated a tumultuous amount of taxi rides. There are about 10 Taxi providers in the area, so not often do we get the same taxi twice.

Until there was Agent 92.

We met Agent 92, or Jon, two summers back when me, my sister Britt and M were going out every weekend. The first time we rode his cab we were pumped cuz he handed us his iPod touch (or iPhone..not sure if touch was out then) and let us choose whatever music we wanted! It was awesome!

Another time he saw B and M walking after the bar to the Diplomat for some 24hour deliciousness. He picked them up and drove them for free!

There are more stories..can't think of any right now. But recently, he recognized our address on the radio and went to pick us up! What a surprise!!! (hadn't seen him for awhile) Again he put the iPod in my hand, but this time there was a little improvement to his cab: under glow on the driver and passenger visors! LOL. It was hilarious and strobe-d along with the music. We ended up getting his personal cell # so we'd be able to call him directly to get picked up. He drove us home that night again, and I guess one of his regulars had given him a huge bag of sour patch kids (my FAVORITE). He offered them to me cuz he doesnt like them. I was like HELLS YES. I'm eating some now...thank you 92, thank you.

Standard Taxi - request Jon. He is da bomb!


m. said...

i am so glad you are back to regular blogging, i missed you! also: this is hilarious! remember when i got in a cab with him in september and he recognized my face and knew exactly where i had lived that summer.... haha oh agent 92 i love you

TJayne said...

Oh my word.

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