Monday, December 21, 2009

My 20 Favorite Possessions

1. My owl.

I started working at Zellers department store when I was in grade 11, and I worked there for a good 4 and a half years (almost long enough for the 15% discount! So close) One day while working hard aka browsing the shelves I came across this little guy. He was regular $40 but 50% off. I carried him around the store in my cart for the next few days, and finally broke down and got him. He’s my favorite fake-pet and I love him.

2. My books.

I LOVE TO READ! Nuf said. (Except im going to say more) These are some of my most favorite.

3. My Buffy the vampire slayer DVDs

Can and have watched these over and over and over. These aren't all the seasons but I've got them all around here somewhere... This show fits my personality so well, like it was made just for me. I may stand alone when I say this, but it is my favorite television show, and I think it will be forever.

4. My jewelry.

I love jewelry and being creative with it. I think I’ve learned this from my sister, B, who once made a necklace randomly with a fleur de lis pendant. Presently, you can go into almost any store (including American Eagle, as we’ve only recently found out) and find look-a-like necklaces with fleur de lis. She is like, a regular style icon.

bunch of Fleur de Lis:

5. My wall painting.

My mom bought this at an auction. She had it hidden from my dad for months, but I found it wrapped in towels in her closet. (Yeah im sneaky like that) She told me that she had to buy it because it is just like our family! She is the mother, and the three little girls, from left to right, are Erica, my oldest sister, Brittany, the middle sister, and me, the baby <3

6. My elfquest comic book collection

When I was little and this room used to belong to my oldest sister, I would sneak down here and play with all her stuff. She had a set of these graphic novels and I read them and read them. When I was old enough I purchased a first edition set for myself off of eBay. Call it nerdy, if you must.

7. My acorn jewelry pot

Stolen from my mother, and by stolen I mean it was there and I said GIMME GIMME GIMME. And she gave it to me. One of my cutest things I think, and something I will be taking with me when I move out of my parents’ house…someday.

8. My map of the USA

Target steal! Regular $40, I got it for $16.99 US cuz it was on the wrong hook. Cha ching. Brought it home as my carry on flying from California to New Hampshire…dedication. Fun fact: the REAL artwork of this is on display at Stanford University. My sister's husband, who works there, ran across it and took a pic on his cell phone! The real one also has Hawaii and Alaska.

9. My toothbrush

Birthday present from my amazing sister, Erica! The commercial does not lie: it is exactly like getting your teeth dentist cleaned. I am a cavity whore (due to extremely soft teeth with which I can do nothing about) and for the first time in, I don’t remember how long, I just had a dental checkup and did not have any cavities. Booyah, baby.

10. My grey sweater

I am also a sweater whore, and this is my of-the-moment favorite sweater. I love how it hangs, and the neat pockets, and the color cuz I can wear it with pretty much anything.

Aside story: me and B went to a Christmas party Saturday night and all day she was hassling me about borrowing the sweater, which I already told her I was planning on wearing. We were about to leave and she was looking at her self in the mirror with a funked expression, and she says, “I dunno about my cardigan..How’s it look?” Right then and there I decided to share the magic of the sweater. “Let’s trade!” We did and she was elated and found her party groove right there. Even though I am waaay bigger then she is, the cardy somehow still fit alright and I actually really liked it too! It was green and so festive. The magic of the sweater prevailed.

11. My spanx

Ok, this is kind of a cheesy one, but seriously, they are like my life support. I was introduced to these a few years ago from my mother, and have loved them ever since. They sell in pale tan, medium tan and black. They are all hand made and it takes 7 hours to finish one pair. Presently, so the clerk at the store told me, the medium tan chest to thigh version that I wear is unavailable for order by the store as the people who make them literally can’t fast enough for the demand. Way to go Spanx ladies!

12. My movies

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, movies. I love watching movies, and I am a big fan of repeater movies: watching them over and over again. My favorites are girly comedies that you can pop in and watch anytime, that you don’t have to pay too much attention to and they still lose none of their awesomeness. Movies to clean you room, or get ready for a night out to, like Clueless or The Sweetest Thing. I also like to watch series movies, like two weekends ago while doing a serious all-weekend room clean, I watched the Lord of the Rings trilogy. <3. I also have a problem where I love to quote movies word for word. So I’ll be watching and all of a sudden feel this overwhelming need to say the lines along with the movie. This can be extremely annoying for other people, so I try to only do it when watching alone. Lol, weird habit #1.

13. My bed time kit

I have a nighttime ritual apart from the regular ‘in the bathroom’ stuff. I take my little basket down and do my thang. Here are it’s contents:
Dental floss (every night ladies for healthy chompers and good breath!)
Vaseline (keeps my lips from drying out, especially in the winter)
Clinique Moisturizer (for after showers and before makeup application, keeping those cheekers soft as a babies bottom)
Contact case, glasses, contact solution
Prescription crème for my wrinkle eye. (Seriously one of my eyes has a ton of weird wrinkles under it.)
Tricyclen (controlling the babies)

And various other items I do not use every night but are good to have, pumice stone, dental floss threads, eyebrow tweezers, a condamn (spelled wrong purposefully), etc, etc.

14. My makeup kit

I have used a lot of expensive mascaras and $8 Covergirl Last Blast mascara is my new favorite one. I will use my MAC eye powder and creme pots until i die (which is about when they'll run out, they just last forever). I love my Lancome dark purple kit and my Sheer cover creme black eyeshadow. GOSH and Urban Decay eyeliners. Yves Rocher foundation. In summer, Maybelline minerals bronzer.

15. My collection of unicorns

Inherited from my sister Erica. The only one I've got on my own is the pink pony, who's hair I chopped off so she'd have a rock and roll mohawk happening.

16. My laptop

Yeah, that is Jacob.

17. My VCR and DVD “combo”

Never will get rid of my VCR! I tape tv shows on it all the time, and my dad does on his as well.

18. My stuff bins

I'm a big fan of organization, so I infact have many baskets and such around my room. These however are my favorite. Made with recycled newspapers from China!

19. My floor

My dad and grandfather finished this whole room and made the floor. I've never seen anything like it and people new to visit always comment. It is something I take for granted since I see it everyday and have my whole life, but it is actually really cool.

20. My kitties.

Cali and Liam. I thought this was the cutest thing I've ever seen, like Liam laying his head on Cali in love. Two minutes later all we hear is Mmmmmmmrrraaar. Go back into the room to find Liam getting his freak on with Cali :/

I probably should have put my cell phone or my ipod in this as well. But they never even crossed my mind until now. That is a good thing, I think.
PHEW! this literally took me two days to finish. It was really fun tho; now post you're favorite things!


samboy said...

you have loads of really good stuff!

and your buffy dvds are french! wowzers! i forget huge parts of canada is frenchified! x

mahuahua said...

see now i feel bad for dissing buffy!i'm sorry sweetness,i hope i didn't hurt your feelings!:( truth be told,i've not really seen much of it,so i could love it really and just not know it yet!

i loved seeing all your favourite stuff!<3

and go you for having a night-time routine...i don't.i take my make-up off,wash my face,brush my teeth and i'm done...and even just that takes a lot of effort for me.i'm a sloth.

Plaid Guru said...

haha! ya i guess they are in French and English. i am bilingual but i definitely watch them in English! lol i dislike french and was forced to take it in school by my parents!

I am so used to my sisters making fun of me for my buffy obsession, I don't mind at all. I used to watch it when I was really young and I had a huge crush on Spike, so I got them to just watch him, and then just ended up falling in love with the rest. I'm glad you liked seeing all my junk! Lol, it was so fun choosing stuff.

TJayne said...

This is too fun Ty!!! Love it, and I am going to steal this idea from you. I hope I can find 20 things :)

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