Monday, December 7, 2009

What else do you do when you've got nothing to do.

@ 12:45pm our computer systems went down. No email, no internet, no network folders…no nothing. It is now 1:35pm. I have been sitting, walking, moving, talking, texting and reading my way out of boredom and frustration that I cannot get the simple work done I was planning to accomplish after my lunch hour.

I have turned to my last three hopes: 1. calling my sister to harass her about how her weekend at her bfs parents’ house went, 2. to listen to some catchy tunes, and 3. to write a blog with good old Microsoft word, of course, since I cannot access my blog. Honestly, this is one those few times when I don’t feel my usually strong desire to blog at work…lol: you love it when you can’t have it, but once you get it, you’re fucking bored. (*story of my life*)

I have great guy friends here at work and I'm very thankful for them, they keep me sane and happy throughout my days here. But does anyone else notice how when you put some males together and they get to talking, they morph into this single annoying creature? And you tolerate it because you know that they are normally descent and respectful and funny and good people, but while it’s happening you kind of just step back and leave them to it? That happens with a lot of my guy friends I find, they are great by themselves but put them in the presence of a certain male counterpart and it’s like adding vinegar to baking soda. (That's Colin on the left btw, and Brendon on the right, two of my good work buddies, and the two that specifically brought on today's rant)

Here are a few songs I think everyone will appreciate: (I got them from this lovely blog Sometimes sweet, probably my favorite blog to read from someone I do not know personally.)

Backlit - Isis
Skeletons – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Table for glasses – Jimmy Eat World
Boats and birds – Gregory and the hawk

Give them a little listen if you care to, or are feeling a lapse of boredom from the work you are doing, whether it be paid work or else studying up for that upcoming final. She boasts an excellent play list which I have been repeating at work for the past few days, good mind cleanse, keeping my thoughts from stirring into places they don’t need to go and that are unhealthy.

Speaking of health Yoga class tonight at 7:15pm: I love yoga, it is one of those things that just make you feel so much better no matter what kind of mood you are in. If you are lucky enough to get a good teacher, I have had two; they basically hypnotize you into a state of pure calm and bliss, convinced of a world free of pain, worries, and unkind thoughts, leaving your mind in utter peace and revival. Mmmmm, Namaste.

PS check out my ballin new glasses.

It is now 2:43pm: just talked to my momma on the phone. She is sick :( she sounded just awful! I am going to bring her home chicken and or beef broth tonight <3.

It is now 3:37pm, and our connections have just been reestablished. i confess i have been watching how i met your mother on my iPod since my last check in. now it's back to the grind (almost time to go tho WOO)


Robyn M. said...

you woo girl..

TJayne said...

I like boats and birds :)
and your glasses ;)

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