Monday, December 28, 2009


Every year we talk about not doing the whole present thing. I'm the youngest basically in my close family, at 21. The santa jig is up! Lol. So, my mom always announces you know, I'm not buying any presents this year, no presents, and so on. Then she goes on about how there will be no stockings. And then that if there are stockings she's not wrapping anything in them.

Well of course that didn't happen, me Britt Erica and Brad all had overflowing stockings and the tree was full of presents. (YAY!)

Early morning stocking opening!

The beautiful tree


Daddy with his coffee

Momma and Britt

The four muskateers

Next, on to Grammie C's for some delicious christmas breakfast.

Gram and her tree

Breakfast and fun cracker hats!

Erica not looking impressed ?

We all opened presents at Gram's then came back home to open the presents under our tree. (We made a bit of a mess...but the cat liked it!)

Here are a few out of the ton that I got. But all were awesome!

2 Notebooks

Chi travel set, works at 120 and 220 volts (Euro-trip, here I come)

The Lovely Bones

Heaps of candy...too much.

A bag of buttons! to make things with..

Awesome makeup: Sephora, Clinique, Urban Decay and Rimmel red lipstick <3

Some movies

Matching Christmas sweaters: me Britt and Erica all got the same ones! (and then proceeded to wear them for the rest of the day)

Some New Moon gear, of course: A Jacob blanket and pillow case, calendar, Taylor Lautner Rolling Stone poster and a Jacob bookmark (can you guess what team I'm on?)

No new camera :( but my awesome brother-in-law taught me to utilize some of the functions on my own. I'm much happier with it, for now.

Hope everyone had a most wonderful christmas!


mahuahua said...

oooh,your home and family look so lovely!:)and your gifts...i want them all!!!!!!x

TJayne said...

I see your mom utilizes the Sobeys Bags as well, lol
I got a new moon calendar! :) I feel i need to go buy myself a Taylor blanket with the mall money I got ;)
Glad you had a good christmas!

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