Sunday, December 6, 2009

blog catchup for Friday December 4th 2009

friday friday friday. it was a good day as work days go, a little low key. i was in a pretty unemotional, nonchalent, whatever mood, getting work done!

OH - probably should discuss what happened the night before in sj: we had the day meeting at the fort howe hotel and it was alright, interesting, long, but i was sitting beside brendon so that was fun. we just commented the whole was like good old summer times when we used to sit together at work. Anyways, thank goodness i brought my gps with me to find this place. even tho i knew where it was via word of mouth and mapquest, i thought i should bring it in case of emergency. fortunately i did, since 3 cars in front of me there was a huge accident on the bridge! the car actually landed horizontally blocking the exit i was supposed to be taking...:| odds of this happening....small. so i had to merge back onto the rush hour traffic bridge and the gps guided me through a detour which i would have never figured out on my own. Thanks Willow <3

the night was girly, awesome and completely boy free: me and jen went to old navy (where i bought many sale items and even got a tshirt for .47 cents), winners (where i bought a new pair of sneakers: this ones for you b)
Eastside Marios for delicious pasta salad and bread, McAlister mall for awesome hard to find hair products (Bed Head AfterParty) and finally hit the 8:45 showing of New Moon in the stadium theatre. We went home and watched National Lampoons christmas vacation on amc while i tried on outfits for the next day wooop wooop!

so, i had a great night! here's the hitch: (theres always a hitch) i sent a txt to colin asking him if he wanted to get dinner with me and jen. no response (quel surprise, dumbass) anywho, no big deal.

drove to work Friday from sj! beautiful, sunny morning, me my sunglasses and sing along songs in the car. then here comes the work day...dont even know what happened to colin but he was like, completely ass kissing. he was probably the nicest and friendliest to me that he ever has been.

as per normal i asked him about caf lunch and he said yeah, but he had to do two things first. so i was like oh well im going then cuz im staaaaarving. not even paying attention to the time and a bit later he comes over to my desk being like ready? i was like uhh...ok. he took me on a detour to drop a drawing off. i was waiting outside the trailer thinking he would be right out. sitting on a concrete parking divider with my hood up on my sweet new shirt and my aviator shades. just thinking about how stupid this is and why he is so nice now and what am i doing to myself, and about 7 min later WHY THE FUCK am i sitting here outside in the cold in a parking lot waiting for him?! i book it to the warm caf and get in line for some din din. as im paying he walks in gives me this wtf look and tells me to wait for him. we walk back and he asks me about my night in sj, i feel like it's a good time to be like oh how was your night not answering my text? basically tell him that that was the last time i will ever text him and he is all like what? waaaah. i didnt get it til later, why is that the last time you will text me? i want you to text me. blah blah blah stupid boy talking blah blah. i just keep it cool, hitting him back with sarcastic remark after sarcastic remark, as per normal. im just over it and his dumb behaviour. he can flirt at work as much as he wants, i mean it's fun, and keeps the days from lagging, but this outside of work bullshit joke is done, until he grows up and makes up his mind. it's all good and i am good with it. he's like my personal justin bobby and im his kristen. maybe at the end of our season he'll finally smarten up.


Robyn M. said...

If this was facebook I would like this post..

Plaid Guru said...

please elaborate

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