Wednesday, December 23, 2009

sacre bleu! i have missed one!

December 22nd, first day I have not blogged all month!!!! So, today I am making it up with two :).

It's been such an awesome past couple of days. Erica and Brad arrived successfully Monday night and ever since it's basically been a crazy free for all! I made sure to take off a few days of work. We stayed up their first night having a few and ordering in some super classy take-out.

Britt, Erica and Me!

Brad's first poutine, eh.

I think it's safe to say he likes it.

Me and B went shopping yesterday at the mall (first time christmas shopping for me!) to great success. A Tuesday afternoon was the right time to go, not too busy at all, got a parking place np. Then we went over to grammie c's for some visitation time.

Gram's kick-butt tree.

The Allens.

Us other two.

No shot of gram for some reason, she was probably in the kitchen making something.

Zen I went to my besties apt, whitney! Where we had our Christmas present exchange. She left for PEI at 7am this morning to spend the holidays with her family.

This is what I got! Whit ordered it online for me! YEAAAAAH Sephora makeup. Can't wait to try it out.

This is Whit opening the big part of hers! I'm secretly hoping I get the Jacob version from my mom for Christmas.

Bigger then I ever thought it was!

Two of my favorite people: Ju (classic playing video games) and Whit <3

Ps please notice the crazy 5 toed animal in whitney's arms.

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TJayne said...

Sephora makeup = WANT.

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