Saturday, December 19, 2009

one sister down, one to go

It is late! I decided to stay in tonight with my sister, Britt, who arrived this morning via airplane from Alberta, skipping out on "end of exam" celebrations. Technically, I didn't write exams this semester, and I still am expected to be at work Monday so I would only be fake celebrating anyways.

Today was our group (Design Services - Electrical) meeting at the Holiday Inn in SJ. There was about 20 of us and it was a very good day. Everyone had to get up and do a 15 minute presentation. Colin was there and Brendon and I drove down with my desk buddy Marc from Fredericton. We started at 9:30 ish and it was my turn to go at about 11:20.

You'd think that we were a bunch of 7 year olds with ADD for the amount of squirming and talking that went on throughout the day during the presentations. I guess mine was well done, so said Brendon and Marc to me and my head supervisor. Also, no one was talking during it, so I hope that means they were actually listening. I even got a few questions from some of the grumpier old men and was able to answer them correctly and to their satisfaction. Yay! I was very relieved when I was finished. Poor Brendon had to go last, at 3:30! lol, his was so funny tho it was the perfect one to go last because it was only 6 slides long! (mine was 29)

We had ordered dinner from a Greek restaurant called Vitos, and there were a ton of bags with peoples names on them. :( Mine, along with another one of the girls, was missing. I ended up taking the lunch of a man that went home sick. It had a greek salad in it and that's all I really wanted anyways. Unfortunately, it wasn't very good. I like crisp lettuce in my greek salad. I LOVE greek salad and greek food, but this wasn't very good. We had another break in the afternoon and we had a fruit tray that was sooooo good. I totally bee-lined for it and ate a whole bowl full of melon, watermelon and pineapple. YUMM. Hmmmm, what else....oh well I guess I could mention how weird Colin was acting. Not really weird, just nicer to me then usual. Like, every time we had a break he would find me and stand next to me and attempt at conversation, when usually he would just go join the rest of the guys. Buuuut, I didn't really care I just treated him like I would Brendon or Marc or anybody else I'm friends with at work. It was also his birthday today, when we were all leaving I slapped him on the shoulder and told him happy birthday. He put his hand on my shoulder and told me to have a good weekend, and that was that. Good day :) No drama, no concern, just normalcy.

When I got home from SJ, me and B went to McGinnis Landing restaurant for my Student Partnership Christmas dinner. Brendon was there, and a couple of the other students I like, and it was actually really fun. A lot more fun that I thought it would be. We did our yankee swap and I got a new book! Stupid White Man by Michael Moore. It looks interesting, so I have put it on my book reading schedule. (too bad it is way down the line, I have so many things I want to read! i wish i had more time!)

We went to the drugstore and got B some new red hair dye, and to the liquor store to pick up some goodies for tomorrow night.(mmm mikes hard pink lemonade and baileys) Then we came home, watched a bit of the 40 year old virgin and I wrapped presents while britt dyed her hair. now I am sitting in bed at 1am, my contacts are killing me, listening to my itunes on shuffle (spirit in the sky).


- Boyce Farmer's Market for some sweet grub. Possibly Betty Lee's springrolls, Gustaffs buffalo burgers, or some chinese noodles and wontons! Oh yes and can't forget the german danishes. YA-um.
- some gym class to work it all off
- maybe making a gingerbread house!
- sat night party like a rockstar


mahuahua said...

party like a rockstar <3 hehe x

TJayne said...

I'm so happy your presentation went well. So proud of my little grown up engineer! :)

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