Sunday, December 20, 2009


Drinking seems to make me get up earlier in the morning then I normally would...I get like A.D.D. hangovers where I'm compulsed to clean, or read, or TYPE!

Saturday in pictures:

Me and B leaving for the market <3

Shot of the inside of one of the market buildings

Betty Lee Springroll reunion!

Buying some real maple syrup


Second building

Some christmasey wreaths!

Where all the food is! Yay!

Adolf looking chilly: Buffalo burgers and schnitzel..gimme gimme!

This guy is making kettle corn (popcorn) in that giant pot!

Richies for some donairs!

Last chinese noodles of the winter season! they don't do winter :(

Warming up at second cup.

Giggle fit.

We took our time walking back to the car, stopping in some more downtown shops. (Lazy Pork! lol, Britt will understand.) Came home, made some jewelry, napped and then got ready for a 40's themed christmas party!


Brittney said...

Oooo maple syrup.

sarah ann said...

thanks for following my blog! it looks like you had a wonderful saturday.

sarah ann

TJayne said...

Awww, Cute siser day!

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