Sunday, December 13, 2009

isnt sunday supposed to be a lazy day?

Nothing like a good ass-kicking to kick your ass! Just got back from Body Pump class at the smythe st GoodLife Fitness centre. Woooow. Talk about a full body workout. So awesome! The class targets specific muscle groups by doing a set of intense exercises in each area....and then you die. :| Really nice, funny instructor as well. Will definitaly be going again, ladies if anyone wants to join in.

Other than that I had a good morning sitting around chatting with my mom and eating a delicious lunch of macaroni casserole, while dad re-did the christmas lights outside that I put up last weekend. Apparently I did not do a good enough job...*eye roll*

Presently I am watching "Alice", a real-life ShowCase sequel to the story Alice in Wonderland. It's quite well done for a tv special, and there is a very good looking british accented actor in it playing the "Mad Hatter"....CRUSH!!!!

Now, I'm going to put up our extra-large christmas tree in the living room, my tiny christmas tree in my room and get ready to take my extra-tiny christmas tree to set on my desk at work. Yay for Christmas cheer!


TJayne said...

I was going to watch part 2 of that tonight, then decided I should watch part 1 first.
The words I have to type before i enter my comment are just getting more and more ridiculous. Like "cetorp", what the heck is a "cetorp"? I feel it's a catapillar.

Plaid Guru said...

i feel like i love you and have extremely missed your comments!

TJayne said...

lol, I missed reading your blog. <3 I think it missed me too.

Anonymous said...

Dear God, British men are attractive.


I was watching Alice the other day, as well, and was totally unaware there were other parts to it. It just randomly ended with her in the Truth Room and I thought, "What a horrible ending for a movie! It didn't conclude anything!"

Mostly I was upset at not getting to see the sexy Mad Hatter again.

Anyway, I'll definately look for the next part tonight.

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