Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sorority Christmas Party

I totally forgot to mention the other awesome thing about my last weekend: our final official sorority event for the year, our lovely christmas party. This year was sucky due to the fact that some of the girls had a problem with shelling out 10 bucks for a secret santa gift. I always look forward to that little bit of merriment, since I live at home and don't have anyone else to put one together with, unless I did it with my family, which might be interesting since I have bought literally no real gifts yet for christmas....:| Anyways, I was fairly devastated. On the up side, we chose a semi-formal dress theme, and everyone was so pretty and sparkly and festive! M made the cutest decorations and has inspired me to make homemade decorations for my room at home (which I havent done yet, but once i find the time..) I brought a boy, as my date? You could say I guess, he picked me up and we went together. He dressed up in a lovely suit, it felt just like prom! The night was...interesting, to say the least. I didnt really drink much (i know all of your jaws just hit the floor) so I was coherent enough to know every bit of drama, ridiculousness and annoyance that happened throughout. Couple key points: someone making fun of a sister name, somebodies getting cosy on the couch and in the bedroom, giant soro girl photo shoot in the kitchen, metal bells being whipped around the room, winter officially settling in with a load of snow, people fighting in the hall, someone driving home drunk and slidding into a curb and someone wanting to beat down that person. (I so just channeled Jesse Cruikshank a little there; intro to a peak season aftershow anyone?)

By 12:30am everyone was heading out, either to the bar or to their warm beds. Me and Josh stayed behind for about another hour gabbing and having a good ol'time with my favorite couple M&D. Josh drove me home driving about 10km/hr the whole time due to his lack of winter tires. (i dont have winter tires on my car yet either...ya ya its only december 9th, no biggie.) He was really cool all night, was able to hold his own nicely among our crowd, and I think he had a good time at the end when everyone else had left. We said our goodnights and that was that. Last soro event of the year..and the ladies poppin' by. (Bahahaha, for you JB) For the first time, in I dont remember how long, I am not relieved at the soro break. Usually by this time I am dying for some time off, but this year has been too good. :) Can't wait for next semesters RUSH and new pledges to torment. Just kiddding.


Ps those arent my new glasses, that was a joke. They are brendons 3D glasses, from a christmas story. but i do want new glasses. and i want them to be ridiculously large.

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TJayne said...

I was fooled by the glasses, dammit.
fighting in the hall was me :( Not so much fighting as crying. Big jerkface comment. Anyway, all done with. lol :) I want a party with no stupid people.
listening to your playlist still, the beginning to the SHEdaisy song as WAY louder than I had planned, it hut my ears.

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