Thursday, December 17, 2009

b.o. and...bologna?

Had to share that my work trailer smells like b.o. and bologna. It is bad. Like, sting your nostrils bad. It is one of the older men, and he stinks! I knew it was him because he walked by me and it was like, SLAP across the face. Also, it didn't smell before he got here...

So this is great, it doesn't help that it's freezing out so the heat in here is cranked. It's like, warm bologna.

I am going to make myself vom :|

Subject change!

Yesterday the guys in here were giving me a real hard time. The knob on our trailer door was loose and so sometimes when you closed, it would pop back open. Well it has been very cold out and every time the door opens you can feel the temperature change. Apparently yesterday I did it twice and I never noticed either time. Anytime before that when I have noticed, I always walk back and re-close it. The first time the guys were like jokingly "learn how to close a door" etc etc. Second time was the same but worse because then they were just flat out being like YOU cannot work a door, therefore you are a dumby.

AHHHH, smelly man just walked by me again. PUKE PUKE PUKE. Bologna WAVE!

Anyways, it's around 4pm, almost time for us all to vacate, and me and my desk buddy are talking about computer programming and it's uses and the classes we've taken and just random things relating (sometimes I am super nerdy.) Rob in my trailer starts sending me these joke emails being like: do you ever shut up? and mimicking things i'd been saying to marc. He is joking, I know, but I've been the target all day and I've had enough. I start talking to Rob about them and then AGAIN he brings up the stupid door thing. I say I'm not even the only one who does it, everyone does once in a while, AND that the door is in fact broken (which it is) and he goes off and there is no joke left in his voice and he starts yelling at me telling me to stop making excuses, that the door is not broken and that I am just too lazy to turn around and close the door and that I just ignore it and hope people won't notice it's me. Midway through his speech, I say "Do Not become an asshole about this Rob." and then he finishes and I say "You have just become an asshole".

I was literally shaking with anger, and even if he was just joking still, I don't give a fuck because he officially pissed me off at that moment enough so that I have lost all respect for him. Luckily, by that time it was 5 minutes until I had to leave because I couldn't do anything but sit and stare at my computer screen fuming.

This morning I brought a screw driver with me and tightened the screws on the door knob. It has not re-opened itself since.


Sometimes I wish I wasn't the only girl here.


mahuahua said...

i love that you fixed the doorknob the next's like a "fuck you" to the boys there...but in a more subtle (and handy!) way :D x


hahaha GO WOMEN!!! I wish he would've seen you fix the door, and realized how much of a jerk he had been in the process.

TJayne said...

I did not think I could love you anymore. I was mistaken.

Danielle said...

You are amazing.

And bologna and bo?! UGH!

Go, you! <3333

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