Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hot chocolate goodness.

I just made hot chocolate at work!

While grocery shopping last week I specifically bought two cans, one for home and one for work. I get my hot water from one of the trailers water coolers, but it always spits out more then one cups worth, so today I made two, one for me and one for Colin as well. He has a cough and was very appreciative. But enough about him!


No lights (note Liam, fascinated by the tree)

With lights (Liam is in the tree box at this point I believe)

Can't wait til my sisters arrive and we can decorate it properly.

So, these are some of the creations I made at my wire basics class (blurry pictures again :/)

I keep repeating with the same beads, I know. I had picked out all these wicked cool green and blue beads with brown specs on them, but once I got started I realized they wouldn't fit on the 18 gauge wire we were I had to pick out new stuff really quick!

I am dreading tonight, it is supposed to go down to -30 degrees. I didn't get to go to my body flow class last night because it was snowing and storming out, and it was too far away to drive, but I hope tonight, even though I will likely freeze my face off walking through the parking lot, I will get to my Zumba class at 7pm, Smythe St Goodlife. Instead, I had a lazy lazy night, in which i ate supper, watched the peak season finale while making one earring (which took me forever), talked to my momma, took a shower and made my lunch for today.

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TJayne said...

Pretty tree! I am so excited next year I will have my very own tree, I can't wait.
I am not doing the gym this week, lack of truck = lack of excersise.
I am so jealous of your jewllery!!! I want to come!

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