Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Since i cant think of a better place to write up a christmas list than here that i wont lose and can be easily updated; feel free to comment on my outrageous demands!

1. Samsung Digital Camera PL60, and no other.

2. Harry Potter and the half-blood prince on dvd (not that it was really good at all...maybe it will get better after i watch it again)

3. a new clinique grapefruit superglossy lipgloss

4. a shiny ring with a stone in it (i have fat fingers and would need to try it on before purchase!)

5. remooooved.

6. obviously anything twilight and or new moon. (preferably of jacob, with short hair, and shirtless) there is a sweet calender at blockbuster..just saying.

7. reebok gym shorts (i have been wearing a pair of my bff's boyfriends...shhhh i love them)

8. The Lovely Bones novel.

9. Garden of Beadin Gift Certificates :D

10. vampire and or fictiony related topics of popular book series

11. Shampoo and conditioner (quality hair salon ones, that smell good? for volume)

12. Black legging tights (very dark, but not as thick as leggings)

13. fun hair clips or barrets

thaaaaat's all i got so far...

1 comment:

TJayne said...

The Lovely Bones is amazing. I read it years ago and I hope they do it justice in the movie.

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