Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cuddles and snow frolicking pictures.

Me, Erica and Cali cuddling on the bed

Me driving (it is WHITE out)

SNOW! me and momma walking downtown


Mom and Britt

Me! In my non-winter jacket.

Crazy sisters

And this is just about when we got into our snowball fight, aka britt throwing snow at me while mom sat in the car and i cleaned the snow off the car. But then i got her back good. Snowball to face!!! Lol.

I miss my sisters. They're gone back to their respectful homesteads now...Britt in Edmonton, Alberta and Erica in Half Moon Bay, California. Love love love.


Erica said...

Love you too!!
Don't be sad, pumkin....you can wear my hat!

TJayne said...

Too cute! :)

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