Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tuesday is too early in the week for these kind of shenanigans

Well well ladies and gentlemen, the network is down therefore non of us over in the trailers have internet, access to our files or email! It has been down since I got here at 7:30am, and it is now 9:30am. We’ve exhausted all work appropriate topics of conversations and are now sitting in silence at our respectable desks. Highlight of my morning: Colin arriving 20 minutes ago. He was called away to talk to his sup a few minutes ago, so now I am really bored..

OK here’s the thing. Talking to JB yesterday, I decided I want to set a different type of Colin goal: to go a whole week without being inappropriate! That means no flirting at work, no getting ‘lunch’ together, no late night SJ hangouts. Usually all my efforts go in the opposite direction. So, basically my goal is to just treat and respect him like any of my other co-workers. Thought it might be interesting to see the effect it has on him (and on me).

So far so good! I have managed to rein myself in. I LOVE A GOOD CHALLENGE! He smells awfully good today though…

Last night I had a fun fun night playing pool with Evan. Totally got my ass kicked: Literally hit the 8 ball in by mistake at least 4 out of 6 games, therefore automatically losing. I have an 8/white ball problem: I hit them in more often then I get the others.

We left at about 9pm, but I insisted that he not take me home so absurdly early. We ended up driving around for 2 hours in his sweet black ranger truck sharing a 700ml Rockstar+Punch (my new favorite energy drink: tastes like Hawaiian punch aka nothing better). I think we really bonded during this time locked in his 2-seater, cruising wherever through town. All I will say, because I predict he might read this as he has admitted to reading my blog once before, is that he is still awesome in my books, if not more awesome then i found him previously.

1:52pm, the server has been back on for awhile now. I had an outside company rep come visit me on site this morning for one of the projects im working on, which was super exciting! i had to get them security cleared and everything, which was different. i ran into colin on my way back from the caf. he was really down so i stayed with him, like any friend would. definitely still sticking to my guns. he is still a good work buddy and always will be (unless he seriously pisses me off lol of course, but so far so good). i tried to cheer him up but he is still stressing out hard. we've got a group meeting in 5 minutes.....byyyye!

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TJayne said...

I want to try new energy drink flavor!!
Good goal! ;)

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