Thursday, February 11, 2010

T's a fanatic

FYI i'm doing the days out of order.

OH TAY TAY! IT'S TAYLOR LAUTNER'S 18TH BIRTHDAY TODAY! leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeegal, tender and fine. thank you Snow, for those powerful words.

yupp so, i don't know about you, but i'm probably going to celebrate by giving my rolling stone tay poster a lit cup cake and singing happy birthday to him in some scant pajamas...typical thursday night really.

Nom Nom!


one of my favorite scenes in new moon "i can't be friends with you anymore bella" THE PAINED LOOK ON HIS FACE, and the rain falling....SIGH.

Counting down until March 20th when New Moon is released on DVD. I know I'm a tool, but it's kind of fun getting fanatical about things...

A few other of my fanatical, if not embarrassing, obsessions: LOTR, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Elfquest graphic novels


Robyn M. said...

you are ridic..nuff said

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha. Taylor Lautner is definitly not my type but any girl would be lying if they said he didn't look good in New Moon. I am like a GRANDMA compared to him. I turn 31 in June. Duuuuuude. ha ha ha. He makes me feel OLD. I am a huge Twilight fanatic too. Jobless. I know. But. still. Can't wait for DVD release. :) I add Harry Potter to my list of obsessions... That and Jane Austen Books and Movies. :)

Plaid Guru said...


TJayne said...


WhitneyAlaina said...

BAHAHAHAHA i hope you really do get a cupcake and sing to him scantily clad.

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