Monday, February 1, 2010

looking for some thing...

please leave me comments with your favorite "of the moment" songs to download! i am (constantly) desperate for new music, since i listen to my iPiddle 24/7: 3 hours driving and then as much as possible during the 8 hour work about 60% of my life it is in my ears. (i will prob be deaf by the age of 30) **knock on wood**

thanks all.


mahuahua said...

i too need some recommendations,but here's some of mine for you lovely...
city and colour,florence and the machine,bat for lashes,css,joanna newsom,ryan adams and twilight/new moon soundtrack!<3

most are chill out kinda music:acoustic and kooky,whereas florence and the machine and css are really awesome and upbeat (but different in their own way too) xxx

WhitneyAlaina said...

all the music ive been listening to has been provided by you! i've also gone back to some old goodies (ie the postal service, older metric, the wreckers)

Ashley K C said...

Emm Gryner is awesome.
lookout for her album Girl Versions (it's girly covers of songs by def leppard, fugazi and lots others)

Mark Kozelek (his album Rock And Roll Singer is all AC/DC covers acoustic.)

XTC were awesome (get the song Earn Enough For Us, and I'm The Man Who Murdered Love)


Elvis Costello

PJ Harvey

The Shins

The 13th Floor Elevators (specifically the song "You're Gonna Miss Me", it's fucking amazing)

Wreckless Eric (the song "Whole Wide World")

Nouvelle Vague. trust me, beautiful voices, old 80s songs in bossanova

Jesus and Mary Chain (if you liked the movie Lost In Translation, you'd like them)

Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich - Hold Tight...awesome song.

April March

that's all i can think of off the top of my head though.

Plaid Guru said...

ooo thank you thank you! will keep me muchly occupied today :D

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