Tuesday, February 2, 2010

trying some vegetarian eats

so after reading some blogs yesterday featuring pictures of delicious looking hot dogs, I really wanted to buy some. i haven't had a good hot dog in forever. yesterday after yoga i had to pop over to sobeys anyways, and this is the result (feel free to call me crazy after this one..i blame it on this weird cold/non-cold i have, slightly runny nose, small cough, bit of a sore throat: insignificant symptoms but i feel like i could fall over at any moment)

Hot dog comparison:

The Larsen brand i was brought up eating vs (the only meatless hot dogs there) Schneider's Oh Naturel! I will be eating these as soon as possible...hopefully tonight. Who will come out on top? I am predicting the Larsen because, YUM. But I hope the meatless ones put up a good fight.

then i randomly was feeling this...

Chili comparison:

no meat in the last one. we'll see which one is better when i get around to it. not sure how to do this one, if i make 3 cans of chili at once, that's a hella lot of chili.

I also felt the need to buy these. i know i like one better then the other but i couldnt remember which, so i just bought them both. then when i took them home i tried them both and they tasted the damn same (stupid non cold makes my taste buds not work).

then i noticed liam watching me intently and thought he could help...

two pieces down at the same time, pep on the left, salami on the right:

there ya go.


Véronique Eve" said...

I personally love vegetarian eat.. i love vegetarian lasagna with vegetables, absolutely delicious <3

samboy said...

awww cute video! :)

did i miss the verdict on the hot dogs? x

Plaid Guru said...

haha nope, it will be going down tonight hopefully. my stomach is making gurgly noises just thinking about them...ps thanks for giving me extreme hot dog cravings LOL!

TJayne said...

this is hilarous! Which one won?

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