Friday, February 12, 2010

a photo that makes T angry AND sad

well, might as well get this one out of the way...

Colin's current fb profile picture: him and the gf looking ridiculously couply and happy together..

This was taken over the Christmas holidays, possibly new years eve. DEPRESSING!

glad to get this ugly post off the list.


FashionistA said...

aren't you worried someone will see these posts? you're walking on very thin ice and I'm worried about you... been there, done it, it's not fun when the wife comes crashing down your door for revenge and explanations.

WhitneyAlaina said...

she's in a different city. plus she should probably go after C logically (although scorned women are never logical)

Ashley K C said...

i just want to say, he doesn't even look happy and couply in that picture.

he's "smiling" yes, but it doesn't look genuine. he's not even smiling with his eyes. he's doing the "i fucking wish i wasn't here right now" smile. you know the smile i'm talking about, the tight half-smile, half grimmace people use when they don't like someone they are around.

He may be a lot taller than the girl, but he also looks like he is subtly leaning his lower body away from her, not a good sign for her.

as for the arm around her, it's on her shoulder and looks kind of last minute, like "hey i'm gonna take a picture of you two, put your arm around her"
but that's just how i interpret it. look at most pictures of happy boyfriends, their arms are usually around the waist or back. it's a protective "she's MINE" gesture.
the arm around the shoulder is more "hey friends?" than anything.

TJayne said...

Also been there done that, except she came to my workplace and threatened that if she saw me outside of the mall she'd cut my throat. Yes, that actually happened to me, happy little T-Mo got threatened. It was terrifying. scorned woman are scary. Lesson of the day.

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