Thursday, February 18, 2010

50 books in one year throwback...

Doing a little update, since I wrote this blog post in Dec 2009.

Titles to be crossed off my list of 15, so far:
The Lovely Bones (didn't really like it, it was...ok...I found it a bit boring, probably wouldn't read it again. But I know lots and lots of people loove it. I am weird i guess.)
The Host (second time reading this book. LOVE it. might be one of my all time favorites. Might even be my favorite.)
I am still digging at The Time Traveler's Wife and Outlander, but meanwhile have also picked up The Giver and Skinny Bitch! Skinny Bitch seems like it's going to be good, so far I haven't been able to put it down.

Probably won't revisit this for another month or so...I'm a fucking slow reader.

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