Friday, February 12, 2010

Heroes vs. Villains

Felt the need to immediately clear out that awful post below from my sights.

Finally Friday! Another long week at the ol’full time job. This week I’ve realized many things, good and bad. One of which is that freshly peeled oranges make me sneeze. Random...but true.

Last night I had a lovely lovely night with miss hutch. We went out to dinner at the Dip where we girl talked and gabbed till we could gab no more. Then we hit the superstore and bought ourselves individual desserts, because we wanted to. Mine, coincidently, was one of those individual birthday cakes you can buy from the bakery. It was SUPER AMAZING! So tasty, I love grocery store white pound cake and icing. NOM NOM. Hutch got this fancier Boston crème cake thing. We went back to her place and watched a little MTV Canada After show and ate until we were sick. I remembered I had said I would get Taylor a birthday cupcake and sing to him. Well, the leftovers from my mini b-day cake worked perfectly ;) Happy post-birthday, Mr. Lautner.

Tonight I am going on the Engineering Undergraduate Society “Super hero” pub crawl. We are getting capes instead of t-shirts to wear. I’m pretty excited, except I’m not sure whether I should dress up or not. Some people are getting serious costumes together…and I am running out of time. I also can’t decide whether I would want to be a hero or a villain? Something about villains is tempting, but then I feel like I want to be able to save people. Like a good villain? Troubled hero... Ha-ha. Who freakin knows. I think I’ll end up just making something up, like Super Glamazon Woman! All I know for certain is that there will most likely be black tights involved and copious amounts of Gold makeup.


WhitneyAlaina said...

make sure you save some gold makeup for next weekend!

"That Feral Cat" said...

go villainous with me!!

Robyn M. said...

your supposed to dress up???

Ashley K C said...

you should go vigilante, villain and V.

TJayne said...

be careful with copious amounts of gold makeup, you could go from hero to las vegas stripper if you over do it, lmao.
I'm kidding :P Hope you have a fabulous time!
Oh, I agree with Ashley!

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