Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lock down

I have so much stuff to write about, so much has happened since Sunday. I just don't know if I can get the words out. It's not bad, but I don't yet know if it's good, either. Which is why I've been refraining from facing it, i.e. blogging about it. This is why I didn't blog yesterday, and Sunday's blogs were extreme filler.

So I'm writing this with grand effort...my chest is weighted down. Hope soon I'll feel comfortable enough to let myself lift it.

Last night I came home from work and had a lovely impromtu Wendy's dinner date with Miss Hutch! We chatted and it was perfect. After that I went to get my hair trimmed at the Head Shoppe. I loooove it there. The atmosphere is so easy going and my hairdresser Mandy always does a great job on me. My favorite part is the shampoo....mmmmmmmm head massage. I think I'm going to search out somewhere in Fredericton to get a decent massage. I've never had a professional one, but I think I would enjoy it. Anyone have any recommendations?

Also there was a GOLD OPI nail polish for sale at the counter. O. M. G. it would be perfect for this Friday's sorority pubcrawl: I Ain't Sayin She A Gold Digger! theme.....I suspect I may go back and get it. I need ideas on what to wear tho. I think I'm just going to watch the video and attempt to copy one of the ladies stylessss.

Well, not much to say I guess, tomorrow I'm working out of Fredericton which means I don't have to drive 3 hours in a car AND I get to sleep in past 4:30am. Bing!

Shout out to Tmo and M. MISS you ladies.


FashionistA said...

Compu/Eastern College just started giving Massage's for 15$ to the public, from their massage class. just call the front desk, or come in and check it out. i think it's mostly relaxation techniques used.

TJayne said...

Yay! for sleeping in!
and do you just miss my blog, or me personally? lol
I don't know what to wear either. good idea on watching the video.


at Active Therapy Clinic, there's this super hot guy who gives massages. his name is Cody Anderson I think. It's 80$ for an hour, cheaper for less. you'd have to check if he gives relaxation massages since that's not what I get but I assume he does. Mine is covered by health insurance so yours might even be free.

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