Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hot dog comparison: Results!

Got home from work last night, mouth watering, pumped to cook my hot dogs! In walks my momma to the kitchen, plunks down in a chair and begins whining about her day waah waah, and my dad and stuff lol. I love her. Then she asks "can I ask why you bought so much processed meat?"

I tell her about yesterdays cravings. She proceeds to lecture me about how awful all those things are for me. Then she’s like, “you better make some for your father, and for me…” Hahaha! She always makes me laugh. We get all the fixin’s ready together and enjoy a delicious feast when they’re done, both standing there in the kitchen with full mouths saying MMMMMMMMMMMMMM like nobodies business.

Meat – of course these were delicious, I knew they would be. But at 14g of fat a piece and whatever large amount of calories (I could probably eat 3 if I tried really hard) they are way too fattening. I’d rather eat at McDonalds; it would probably be about the same.

Meatless – surprisingly good! The color was a bit odd, but that may be my fault cuz I boiled them too long according to my mom: they’re this brown green color, and they get darker when cooked. Weird! They are also a lot thinner then the meat ones, but they grew longer while cooking (it was kinda creepy…I go to take them out and am just like HOLY CRAP!) I fit two into my giant bun and threw on all the same fixin’s as the Meat dog. Yum! It was pretty tasty. It definitely had a different taste then the meat ones, but I find every hot dog brand tastes different anyways. They did get cold very fast, faster then the meat dog did, and they were kind of gross when cold. On the plus side they are only 5g of fat each! So, I could eat 3 meatless for 1 meat.

Needless to say, I’ve had my hot dog fix for awhile. I don’t know what I’m going to do with the rest of the giant packs…freeze them until next time I suppose.

Next comparison: Chili!


WhitneyAlaina said...

those are the hot dogd i eat when i have a craving <3 you get used to them and then they are fine

TJayne said...

I can not give up meat. lol but only eat hot dogs pretty much in the summer.

mahuahua said...

aw,glad you didn't hate the meatless ones!!!nomnomnom x

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