Thursday, February 25, 2010

fuck...Thursdays should probably be Fridays.

Alright, I’m giving it up. I’ve been sitting at my desk for about an hour and a half now and seriously, have read a few things and that’s about it. I am doing everything possible to avoid real work and the use of brain cells. Except that I want to be doing work. ? I keep saying, “OK! Let’s do something.” But I’m just not having it today…I keep playing with my hair and reapplying my lip gloss.

So what the hell, time for a blog. It’s been a while since a good decent one. Does anyone elses stomach make absurdly loud noise? Like it’s hungry and rumbling, but much worse. Mine does! But only at work, when I’m sitting in my chair. It just did it. It’s loud. It’s awkward. It happens too often….I’m just waiting for someone to be like, “is that you, Tyler?” :\

Annnnyways, Thursday already. This week has flown by.

Monday: Had to go to the mall to get shampoo, conditioner and foundation from Yves Rocher.

Tuesday: Stayed overnight in SJ at JB’s place. We watched the Olympic hockey game: Canada vs. Germany. Jen also gave me a cooking lesson, so maybe someday I’ll be able to put together a decent meal all by myself.

Wednesday: Wasn’t feeling well, and very tired. Did laundry and made hair clean and purdy. Watched as much of Canada vs. Russia as possible. Fell asleep with about 6 minutes left. Was supposed to go out and meet my good friend who’s visiting from Montreal, Andrew, to play pool but I would likely have slouched over the table and started snoring, cue in hand.

Thursday: Tonight is my promised Andrew rain check. We’ll figure something out. I also have a Sorority dinner tonight, the Big/Lil Sister Dinner! I don’t have a Lil this semester but I am still going to enjoy the company and celebrate new pledges. After this much excitement, I predict I will likely be dead-woman-walking.

Friday: I have to drive to work this day, so hopefully I will get sufficient sleep Thurs night to not pass out at the wheel and careen into the ditch along the highway. Following my trend of being extremely tired lately, I plan on staying in and not drinking this weekend, as I have for the past zillion. I need to save money and not be hungover. Also, I plan on forcing myself to the gym to get a personal trainer because I have discovered when it comes to working out I have the determination of….well…something that doesn’t have much determination.

Today I also feel like challenging myself. Go challenge :)

Uh, is anybody planning on working out this weekend? Please drag my sorry ass along..


Anonymous said...

the procrastinating thing...exactly what i do EVERY day.

m. said...

i will workout with you anywhere you like. i usually go to the campus gym but i'm up for anything. plus i'm going to be lonely cause everyones leaving for march break.

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