Wednesday, February 10, 2010

T's favorite song

A couple days ago a posted Paper planes DFA remix by MIA. That is still one of my favorites, and an especially good tune to listen to if you're trying to mellow out, from work stress in particular.

Other favorites right now:

Crazy - KC and Jojo
If you had my love - jennifer lopez
anything blink 182
bulletproof - la roux
zero - yeah yeah yeahs.

no, none of these are particularly new songs...i am weird when it comes to music and like to jump to old favorites, from time to time, when im not feeling the 'countdown', or whatever new music tv and radio throws my way. this is one of those times.


Anonymous said...

some of the older stuff is the best. :) I really like the Yeah Yeah Yeah...

Ashley K C said...

i find myself listening to a lot of old rancid and fugazi lately, cuz it makes me jump around while i'm cleaning my house so i feel like i burn extra calories, that or i'm freaking crazy

Plaid Guru said...

haha yes! ashley that is awesome. i wish singing loudly burnt calories because i do that an awful lot when i'm home alone doing housework, in the shower, making dinner, etc.

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