Monday, February 8, 2010

Energy drinks are GOLDEN.

I wanted today to be an upbeat day no matter what, so I decided that, from previous experience, I would treat myself to an Energy drink! To my delight, I am feeling wondrous! Cannot stop smiling. Today's drink of choice was a full throttle, cuz that's what was in my fridge. (PS I am drinking it out of my NEW travel zebra stripes from Michaels. Whit, this is me finding an excuse to constantly use it, whoop!)

Nothing particularly exciting has happened today, EXCEPT my desk buddy MARC has come for one last visit before shipping out to New Zealand. I only caught him while he came in and I was chatting with my supervisor about diode logic or some such thing, and I am meeting with the Student partnership today for lunch at 12 so I hope he either finishes with my sup or stays until after lunch for some lovely chat and catch up time. He is da BOMB and i miss his presence beside me at work desperately.

Fun thing: Sunday I was asked to sub for an old high school friends volleyball team! They play in tier one of the "grown up" Fredericton co-ed league. I have been trying to get in on this league for a while, but it's not easy. They can only have a certain amount of teams and there are only 6 players to a team usually. I am still working on it, maybe someday! anyways, it was sooo fun!!!!! i got to play power and hit the ball and dig and serve and do everything i used to. HEART HEART HEART! I was all smiles the whole time. we played 5 sets and we won 3 to 2. I thought I would be so awful, I couldn't even find my knee pads BUT i definitely did them proud :D. I was very happy with how well I did, considering I haven't played indoor 6 on 6 structured volleyball since first year. hope they ask me to play for them again next time they are a player down :D :D

Tonight I plan on playing a few games of pool with my rad friend Evan, and possibly catching up on his 'girl' situations (one of our favorite topics). It's fun to have a guy friend that you are STRICTLY friends with. No friends with benefits, no weird flirting. Pure brotherly friendship. It's so refreshing. He's awesome.

Hope everyone's day goes as well as mine has so far! (Knock on Wood) And let's hope this energy drink high will last till 4pm...bahaha!


WhitneyAlaina said...

that cup is so pretty even if you only use it today or only with energy drinks im happy <3

samboy said...

energy drinks make me pee more than anyone should be able to, or need to pee!

bad things they are! bad bad caffiene and sugar yumminess!x

TJayne said...

I love me some energy drinks!
Happy you got to play volleyball! That's awesome for youuuu!

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