Monday, July 9, 2012

Weight Loss

I have been musing over my weight loss recently, with the big move and everything I have just been feeling super unmotivated. It seems like there is always something going on, always some sort of event or trip happening where I keep saying to myself: ‘This is a special occasion! I will let myself splurge this time.’ Honestly I am a splurger, and guilty of it. If I deem the occasion worthy I will totally blow everything off and let loose my inner food beast. I don’t necessarily think this is a bad thing – I definitely don’t want to spend the rest of my life restricted to never ever eating certain foods. That would be so awful. The key for me is just to splurge moderately.

Since I am finding I have so much more time to blog these days, I’ve been thinking that blogging directly about my weekly triumphs and you know, those super depressing gaining weight happenings might be a good kick in the pants to help me get back on track with everything.

Also my Maid-of-Honor status for my best friend’s upcoming wedding is weighing heavily on my mind and is a big pusher for me. I just keep thinking, one more year, only one more year, less than one year…oh god holy crap get moving lazy face! Pretty much no matter what I do I will be larger than all the other girls in the bridal party – because well I am about a foot taller than all of them, but they are all tiny, slim ladies, so I need to work extra hard so that I will fit in with them well and have everything look perfect!

Either way I feel it’s time to get my butt motivated again, enough lazing around riding the “I just moved here…” train.

Without further ado -

This week I attempted to at least lessen the amount of poor food choices I have been making. There is a lot of eating out at our apartment and with the group of friends I am beginning to establish here. There is also a lot of drinking – and you know how it is, with drinking comes pizza and with pizza comes poutine sometimes and then even a little McDonalds if there’s any room left. There have also been a few road trips which always means eating out or eating from a restaurant. It also means eating things like giant ice cream cones and drinking beers with meals. Then there’s lunch at work. At first I wasn’t making myself lunches for work at all, and was completely relying on grabbing food at lunch like Wok Bok or KFC (any place that is close to my work really). None of this is ANY GOOD! All week I have been catching myself going, errrm do I really need this?? Even so I still ended up eating out about 4-5 times throughout the week. At this point I will point out that there were times when I was asked to get food and I managed to say no one way or another. I also refused to get ice cream at least twice and, that is not an easy thing to do when the weather is +30 degrees. I went for more walks than I usually do and I did not drink out all weekend. Still managed to get McDo Saturday night around 1am though on the way home…I AM WEAK. All in all I think it was a good first week. And you know what – it was pretty hard. I am not the type of person to say no to anything enjoyable and I said it a lot this week. Maybe not every time, but a few. I am feeling good. Overall I went down 1.4lbs so it was a good week.

This week I am going to really concentrate on not eating out at all – that means I need to make sure to make my lunches in advance for everyday and make sure to eat a good breakfast so that I don’t get cranky hungry tummy cravings. I don’t think I will drink again this weekend but I can’t promise that as I am in the works of trying to make some new friends and if they ask me around, I will be going out. So my goal this week is to just really try not to eat out or eat fast food. Let’s see how it goes!


andrea blake said...

Good for you for taking such control over your eating habits. For me, the first week was especially hard, but now that I'm a month or so into trying really hard to be healthy, it's surprising the number of food options I can eat. Remember, there are ways to make anything unhealthy good for you. Promise. Keep up the good work. :-*

WhitneyA said...

my photos are going to be perfect Because you are in them. you know that!

Also I have fallen off the wagon and now see myself having to say no to ice cream. I've also been one cranky bitch going through sugar withdrawal. I know your pain. good job though! 1.4 in a week is nothing to scoff at :)

a. said...

good work, just keep at it and dont worry about fall backs. Im feeling much the same way you are and I'm also a Maid of Honour in 1 year.

Tyler said...

Thank you guys for the support! It truly means something to me!

Andrea keep me posted on all of your delicious healthy recipes.

Whit I love you you goon

a. you should post similar things on your blog! we can offer support to eachother :)

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