Monday, July 16, 2012

Weight Loss: 2

HEYA EVERYONE here's update #2 - this weeks goal was to minimize my eating out excursions. Monday - Sunday: I went out to Wok Box at Tuesday on my own for lunch, I went out to dinner Saturday evening with some friends on their invite, had McDonalds after a grotesque amount of drinking later that night and Sunday me and my sister got rained out at volleyball so we went to see a movie and ate out at the mall. All in all I managed to keep it pretty low key every time - salad, soup and chicken. You might be thinking 'Well that's still a lot!' Ha here's what I turned down: Oodle Noodle Sunday evening, McDonalds Tuesday night, pizza and beer Wednesday night, drinking and eating out Friday night, the end. When you don't think about it this stuff really stacks up and you hardly notice. That would have been eating out almost every single day!

I found this week that I struggled with boredom. I still am getting into the swing of things here and who knows how long it will take before I make some real close friends and get back to keeping busy.

Making things a little easier? I have been looking for support online and found this little blog great. This girl is so nice and my frand on Twitter. She is a sweetie! and gives me lots of great advice and support.

This week I am going to try again to not eat out. See if I can get it down even less. I am going to make sure to prepare good lunches to keep me satisfied and just hope that dinner will come easy too. This was a good week still down 1.2lbs for a total of 2.6. Slow and steady but let's hope this keeps. Until next week - Cheers!

Soo just fyi - loosing does not equal losing.

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