Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sylvan Lake, AB

Me and my sister geared up for the long weekend by trying to go camping. By try I mean we called 5 campgrounds and they all laughed at us. Guess we should have booked a month in advance like everyone else ha. So instead we bought some inflatables and headed to the lake for the day.

Wow was this place ever nice! It was like, the town was built specifically around this giant man made lake. Like, the entire cities budget went to making this lake and the small surrounding area beautiful. Well, SUCCESS!

We got there, scoped out a spot, applied some lotion and 15 minutes later boogied to the water with our floaties. EXCEPT THE WATER WAS EXTREMELY FREEZING. It was colder than any water I've ever swam in before. We finally got all the way in and situated in our floaties, and there we are, shivering and being like 'It's gonna get better. It's gonna get better.' Except it never did. It was even too cold to put your hands in! So we were floating there with our hands and feet held out of the water. And 20 minutes later we were back on the beach swaddled in towels.

We layed out all day, it was awesome. I got a super burn EVEN THOUGH I was constantly reapplying sunscreen. Pff SPF 30 ain't got nothin on the sun. We ate out, we bought ice cream, we walked around and toured. It was an awesome day.

Lots of tourists. Oh I guess we were too.

Crazy waterslides!

These peeps got busted for alcohol on the beach by the cops. Suckas!

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