Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Weight Loss: Week 3

WEEK 3 RECAP: My goal for this week was to minimize eating out. Thursday came around though and I actually really wanted to go out and eat a good meal with my sister basically go on a date with her. Sooo we went out to this place called Milestones and it was super super gooood. We ate steak and shrimp and asparagus and lots else. Then we got ice cream on the way home. I realize eating out less shouldn't mean never ever again indulging in good fun. This all I feel was justified! As long as it doesn't happen everyday.

Friday night was the Skrillex concert: FULL FLEX EXPRESS TOUR. Basically a 7 hour long extreme workout. It. Was. Awesome. While in recovery Saturday morning we ventured to Dennys for deliciousness. And then we went to get groceries...cuz we had none.

What I learned this week: Eating out is not always bad and I shouldn't feel guilty about it every time I do indulge.

My goal for next week: Is work on my physical activity. Get to the pool and swim some laps. My back has been acting up a lot.

This week was another good week - 2lbs for a total of 4.6. Again this is slow, but that's how some weight loss goes and I'm happy it's coming off rather then staying on! Cheers until next week!

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Robyn M. said...

YOU ARE AWESOME! And not eating out is hard. The only way I sucessfully do it is by having not money haha.

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