Saturday, July 7, 2012


A couple weekends ago me, my sister and our friend packed up our things on Friday afternoon and booked it to Calgary for a swinging weekend of drinks, music and fun!

Calgary is - beautiful. It is seemingly more like the Capitol of the Province than Edmonton since it is so nice. Not sure why it isn't! Everything is artistic and meaningful and old and inspiring. It rained the entire weekend, and it was STILL a beautiful place to be.

We got there and it was like immediate party mode: the entire weekend we ate, drank, and walked around to different music venues. Repeat. We went to metal clubs, folk, indie rock, pop dance electro and MC rappers. The entire weekend was simply awesome. I wish it hadn't been raining. Rain - it sucks!! Being wet everywhere was not so cool but it was still a great time.

I also made my VERY FIRST PURCHASE FROM CHANEL! A quad eye shadow called 'Vanites'. AWESOME!!!!

Here are a few shots of the blood -

The end.


John Thompson said...
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a. said...

Love Britts face in the background of your bathroom pic haha

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