Friday, July 6, 2012

Walking in Edmonton

What to write on this lovely of Fridays. Not too much to say! I am getting more and more comfortable with Edmonton every day. Living in Fredericton, I never really thought of walking as a real mode of transportation to get…anywhere really. In Fredericton I lived too far away from anything to walk and driving around was just so easy and fast. And there is always parking, so why not just take your car and get there faster.

Edmonton is very, very different. Driving is almost like a last alternative. Or you drive because your destination is just too far away cuz Edmonton is hella big. 99% of the time driving is not the fastest or most convenient method of transit. Which is so sad because I actually love driving, I really enjoy it.

I am living downtown, about 1.5km away from where I work. It takes me about 20 minutes to walk there. Driving, it takes around 10-15 min and then you have to find a parking spot. I am a cheapo and refuse to spend $6 on the building adjacent parking so I must park blocks away in order to find a spot on the road that is available. I usually end up about 5 blocks away which means I am spending another 10 minutes walking regardless.

Another thing: there are a lot of one way streets in Edmonton. In fact, two of the bridges are one way. That means that even if you are super close to the other side of the river you have to drive to the bridge where traffic is running in the correct direction. You know, or things could get messy. The area connecting these bridges on both sides are busy busy busy. It could take you up to 40 minutes to drive 6 blocks – no joke.

This is by far the longest Tyler Fraser story I have ever told.

The moral of this story is that my ass is getting rigorously kicked by all the walking my body is now doing in comparison to the 22 years of non-destination-walking that was my life in Fredericton. Walk walk walk.

Walking is boring.

Fountains are cool.

This is where I finished my book today.

The end.

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