Monday, March 8, 2010

When the blog calls, I must answer.

Monday. Surprisingly, it’s been a lovely day. The weather is utterly beautiful for this time of year, +10 or so, sunny, no wind, no clouds. LOOOOVE. It’s weird how much it feels like summer is coming…

And what you’ve all been waiting for! (haha ya right..) DATE NIGHT RECAP.

Oh, whoops…it didn’t happen cuz I totally got blown off! BOO. Haha, alright so this is how it goes: Thursday night I got a text from Josh saying he was getting in really late Friday night and that Sat we should go play pool and then go swimming at the hotel. Well, I don’t go swimming, in a bathing suit, on a date. Not unless I feel perfectly comfortable with the person. So I ignored that little gem, and sent him a msg Friday night instead telling him to let me know when he got in. Saturday night rolls around, still no word. So it’s around 6 and I’m slumming it in my pajamas watching Charmed on DVD (yes, Charmed). I text him asking if he made it in. 30 min later he replies saying yes, alive but tired. I say, sooo what are you doing tonight? An HOUR later I get, Predrinking and then zees, you? I was like, scumbag! Pfft. So I replied with “Oh, I guess I thought we were doing something. Guess not then but have fun!” Then he proceeded to be like you can come too, and I was like, NAH NAH ya done. 9:30pm and I’ve pretty much accepted that it’s just me, my pajamas, charmed and jewelry making. UNTIL, I get a phone call. FROM NONE OTHER THAN EMILY BELL. Basically she demands I come party in a hotel room her bf’s friends have got for one of their birthdays. Takes me about 30 seconds of contemplation before I’m hoping off my bed, turning on the hair straightener and throwing clothes around in the air. I manage to scrounge some booze out of my liquor fridge..pretty much scrapping the bottom of the barrel: a pint of Sailor Jerrys and 3 Mike’s hard coolers = jackpot! She picks me up 20 minutes later, and we’re off to the races.

So we get there and there’s 6 guys and us. The room they’ve been put in, I swear, was decorated for a Disney princess. Pink satin covered chairs, and purple bed spreads with flowers on them?? They were the coolest bunch of guys! So friendly, they all introduced themselves and right away were including us in their conversations and such. Oh, and did I mention they were EXTREMEMLY CUTE?! Yaaaaaaaay! Haha nothing wrong with a room full of good looking really nice men. Thank you Emily! By the end of the night I was being followed into the bathroom by the birthday boy (who I literally had to push out and slam the door shut on) and me and Joel aka the hotest toddie of them all were taking turns literally pouring Sailor Jerry’s straight from the bottle into each others mouths. BAAAAHAHAHAHAA. Shit show and a half. But good times were had by all. When the birthday boy took his clothes off and started walking around in his turquoise briefs we left. I got home probably around 5am.

Oh did I mention I went to work the next day? Yeah, Sunday. I left the house at 9am. How did I manage that? I honestly don’t know.

Oh and guess who was the only other person at work Sunday? Yeah, that’s right, I don’t even have to say it. Enter extreme eye roll here.

This week seems like it’s shaping up to be sick busy here at work, so probably should get back to the grind.

Love to all, and I hope you all get to have amazingly fun random hotel parties with hot guys real soon!


Robyn M. said...

Supid boy...but side note I have a hilarious story for you:(kind of your kind of story)- So me and Tmo and my film boys went to a and w during our film shoot saturday and when were were leaving we got trapped behind this car(because you know how the drive through is) and it happens to be a red car that looks exactly like yours. With a girl sitting in the drivers side who looks exactly like you. So we honk and the person looks but does not acknowledge us and we realize that you have a boy with you so you might be embarrassed. So I decide I must jump out of tmo's truck and harrass you(cause I'm funny) but I get halfway there and as I'm sure you already guessed IT WASN'T YOU!!very embarrasing cause we had to sit behind them for like another 2 mins then drive beside them. The things I do out of love for you..

Plaid Guru said...


TJayne said...

it was extremely embarassing and HILARIOUS.

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