Monday, March 1, 2010

Alright Alright. BLOG!

Good Monday afternoon ladies and gents

What a wondrous weekend! OK announcement #1: THE BIKE IS MINE. Me and Dad went to see it on Saturday afternoon and everything looked good, so I put in an offer. The seller called last night to accept. Boooooyah! Now I am literally counting down the days until winter is over and the snow is gone. May May May May May May May May.

So now I am a little poorer, but very happy. This will be the most expensive thing I’ve ever paid for myself other than my education. Yay, me!

Friday night there was a huge snow storm so I ended up watching the Canada vs. Slovakia game at home with dad. Saturday morning I went to the gym for Zumba! It was actually really fun, the first song they played was Bad Romance so I was into it immediately. Someone should really film that class and put it on youtube or something. I’m sure we all look pretty damn ridiculous. But hey, it’s fun!

Saturday after the bike success, I had a nasty headache so took a nap hoping to sleep it off. My parents went out for a party so I was all alone! Before I know it I’m opening my eyes and it’s 10pm. 10PM. I couldn’t believe it, I had been sleeping in my clothing in the corner of my bed, which was absolutely covered with my crap. Had subway sitting beside me on my desk, dvd on pause, tv still on, cell phone blinking violently. It had been on vibrate….. I jump up and begin frantically answering txts and decide that I am going to make it out even though I’m not at all ready and wicked late. I get dressed, straighten the top of my hair ONLY and throw on mascara. OFF, to a gal friends birthday party. All is good! We head out to the bars, poor Whit has lost her ID……. So she goes to meet her bf who is nearby and I head into the old dirty dirty (aka the 20 20) to dance with some lovely sorority ladies. 10 minutes in I am drenched with sweat, it is so hot! I guess I don’t notice it as much when I’m drunk at the bar…did I mention I was dead sober? Driving….

Anywho, around 1am I head to another bar, the capital complex, to meet up with some of the ladies from the birthday party and hopefully see one of my very good boy friends who is visiting for his mb, Andrew. Andrew is standing there waiting for me and we basically hug for 10 minutes while I jump up and down and he just keeps repeating, “I missed you, Ty”. After we close the bar, me and him go to the ONLY place still open in Fredericton at 230am. You know where I’m talking about….that’s right, the Dip. (the Diplomat…a 24 hour “nice” sit down restaurant) When I finally drop him off at my house, I get out of the car to say good bye. We hug, and then he tells me he wants a goodbye kiss, a real kiss. Then he is kissing me, as in a real all out wrap your arms around me kiss. (ps…did I mention he has a gf where he goes to school? :\) But that’s me and Andrew, we’ve been together before, pretty much since the first time we hung out, I was 16, he was 14. (We were so young then!) Now we’re 19 and 21, and still the same: completely at ease with each other and utterly able to be ourselves. I keep saying someday I will marry this guy. Maybe, if I’m lucky, I will.

Sunday was pretty much a blur of sleeping, going to the gym for a kick my ass workout class and the Gold medal Olympic final between Canada and the US in hockey. When Crosby scored the winning goal in overtime me and my mom were literally jumping up and down in front of the living room TV, screaming. Dad was downstairs with his own jumbo set, but I think I heard a “whoop” from him too. When they raised the Canadian flag and played the national anthem, we both stood and sang. By the end I had tears in my eyes.

Then I went to bed.

Haha, all in all glorious ALCOHOL FREE and gym attending weekend. Go me.


"That Feral Cat" said...

haha sounds like a good weekend to me!


SOOOOO FIN JEALOUS, I cant wait to get a job and buy my bike...

Anonymous said...

I wanna see the bike!

TJayne said...

want bike. so proud of your alcohol free weekend.

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