Friday, March 12, 2010

The lowdown

This morning I had a doctors apt to get my birth control refilled. You all know what that means! That fun once a year apt…yupp. Also, funny thing, it was the first time meeting my new doctor. She shook my hand while I was awkwardly standing sideways in my open front paper gown trying not to flash her. Fortunately, she was very nice and made me feel completely comfortable.

So I worked the rest of today here in Fredericton, in Head Office. Boooooring. The most exciting thing that happened was I got to call someone I work with and get them to log on to my computer there and read me some numbers I forgot.

Alice and Wonderland - tons of crazy hype, right? Everybody just seems to be going ape shit over that movie. Even the guys, (yeah, the GUYS) at work were talking about how they tried to go see it but it was sold out and another one was going last night and blah blah. Lol. I don’t know why but I was never really excited for it at all. I ended up wanting to go to it more just so I could see what all the hub bub was about! Me and my lovely Whit went :D.

Alright, here I go.

I totally loved it! It was really really enjoyable. I liked the story and the way it was done in 3D and love love loved the characters. I found every character had their own significant part to play and they all meshed so well together. And, the Mad Hatter, played by none other than Johnny Depp, was even my favorite. Cheshire Cat coming in at a close second. What a cliché am I.

I’m feeling a bit down in the dumps for this coming weekend, because I’m missing out on some of my good friends’ life events. Ashley, who lives in Moncton, is hosting her engagement party on Saturday there. I love her and her fiancé to death, and I wish I could be there to celebrate this wonderful (if not a long time coming) point in their lives with them.

Jojo's bachelorette party is being held on Saturday night in Moncton. She is co-partying it up with another blushing bride and I know that the party is going to be crazy and amazing and I wish I could be there to stick on her fake eyelashes (oh wait..hahaha!) and feed her shots shots shots shots. Shots of love. (and booze)

Sadly, I will be working again this weekend. My dad took Saturday off and borrowed my grampies trailer so we are going to pick up my bike and bring it home. YAY!!!! Then I’ll be heading to SJ for the afternoon. Miss JB has been kind enough to extend an invitation for me to stay overnight at her place so I can go to work easily in the morning. She’s such a doll, isn’t she? I am supposed to be meeting her new beau, Mitch, and I CANNOT WAIT. Hahaha, I’ve only been hearing of him for a month now. ‘Bout time I sized him up, I think ;).

Anyways, I am excited to see her cuz I haven’t in…too long! Tonight I am having a cheap girl date with Whit, and possibly her bf Julian if he pouty-lip weasels his way into our party.
Wishing you all lovely spring weather! xo.

OH and i went for a run yesterday.. LOOKOUT


Anonymous said...

Glad you liked Alice! :) Also, I haven't forgotten about the designs I promised you. I am going to work on it some next week! I have been so busy!!!

TJayne said...

want to seeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Alice!!!!!

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