Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Would you like a little cheese with that whine?

I think it’s about time for a real whiner…let me just begin with how effing boring work has become. So, I stopped seeing Colin, if you didn’t notice that he has been extremely lacking in my posts for about 2 weeks now. It’s been like going off a really good party drug. Not that I’ve had that experience but I imagine it’s pretty damn similar. And not that Colin is the end all be all of entertainment but, compared to the other goings on around here, he was rather amusing.

Sometimes I have mini lapses that go against my whole ‘quitting him’ plan: for example I’ll email him just to chat...yeah, I did that today. STUPID. Before with Colin there was a lot of grief but there was also a lot of really great highs and other perks, including but not limited to: happiness, compassion, caring gestures, laughter, comfort, fun. Now all that stuff I became adjusted to is gone, ffft! and all that is left is this really annoying grinding sensation, like the inside of my stomach has been flattened.

Eff that.

Luckily I just had a too long for work chat with my buddy, Evan. Somehow he managed to cheer me right up. He made me laugh and laugh and he didn’t even know I was bummed. He’s pretty rad that way.

I just received this text message from Josh aka the boy I went out with a couple times before Christmas who moved back to Toronto for work:

Hey I’m coming back to Fredericton this weekend. Do you have any plans? It’d be good to see you again

Weeeeeeeell now. That opens up a whole different weekend scenario for did I mention how wicked poor I am now because I just spent waaaay to much money on that bike? (Britt and Erica DO NOT RELAY THAT TO MOM!) Basically my plan for the weekend was to continue on my exercise kick, since I’m already in a contract at my gym for the next year that takes 20 bucks out of my bank every 2 weeks. But who knows, maybe a…different kind of exercise? Haha, wink wink nudge nudge. You know what I mean.

Oh holy, all that whining has made me have to pee. Enjoy whatever is remaining of your day!


mahuahua said...

glad to ear you're ok lovely,you deserve so much better than the siutation you were in.and sounds like you may have a bit of fun coming your way ;)

keep your ead held high lovely xxxx

TJayne said...

Oh dear, you have a good weekend adventure coming! :) Prob coming to Jo's again for the weekend, please visit if you have time!:)

sarah ann said...

Haha it is healthy to whine sometimes! Were only human right? I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Robyn M. said...

hAHAHA.. interesting exercise eh???with your "friend" whose cheering you up?

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