Friday, March 19, 2010


I have been eyeing this hat

for the past week or ever since a similar one was posted on this blog, Finding Everything Lovely

It is for sale on ETSY.COM, in this store: beautifulbridget'sshop

It is $25 dollars + $7 shipping to Canada = $32.00. It comes in many colours, and I'm sure she'd make it in any color I asked (OMG BRAIN EXPLOSION: MAYBE I COULD GET IT IN MINT...GOING TO ASK)

Anywho, I am super budgeting right now (or trying to..) and I need peoples opinion on whether or not to indulge. Honestly, in the end I'll probably just go with my gut feeling but I'm curious :)

What do you guys think? Should I dish out the cash? Do you think it would be too hot to wear right now? I want to wear it, daily. As in all the time, at work too.

Oh yeah, then there's the coloring. I JUST REALLY LIKE THESE COLORS FOR SOME REASON. I guess they are associated with Jamaica? Or smoking weed, which I don't do. Or Bob Marley, who's music I don't enjoy. So that bothers me...I don't want people to think I'm making some kind of statement with it, other then that I think the colors look kick ass together.

Also, I have a pretty large sized head. Not overly large, like "she looks like a Bratz Doll" large, but sizable to my body, which is 5"11 and not tiny in any way. I want the hat to fit on me like it does on the manikins. Slouchy and casual and comfy and perfect.

AMY RENEE: yes, this is a direct question to you (let's cross our fingers that you read this). You own (or just modeled?) this hat in white AND you know the woman who makes them. What do you think?

Here it is in white. PS could it look anymore gorgeous on you? Pretty much the reason why I even looked at it in the first place.


So lemme know people.


WhitneyAlaina said...

I like it but i wont lie,

go with the mint!! or even white is pretty. basically any other colors and you have my permission to get it ;)

even for hats like that here ive pretty much paid that much so its not like the price is crazy.

Ashley K C said...

i have a hat just like that, in black that my mom paid a ridiculous amount for at some fancy pants store in montreal. i think she paid somewhere in the realm of $55, so I'd say go for it. I love my slouchy hat and it looks cute as shit any time of year.
buuuut, i'm also gonna have to say: not a huge fan of the original colors together, mint is awesome though, or teal! or white! or cream!

TJayne said...

if you got it in more spring like or summer or white or mint colours you could probably wear it into the summer months.
do not like the jamaica look, sorry.
but if you are trying to budget that is over a quarter of a hundred dollars, which is a lot to spend on a hat.

Furrycrazer said...

Send me the pattern and I'll make it for you. Sister love = free

Plaid Guru said...

i love you er and i do not doubt your mad skills but i dont have a pattern for it...and dont think i can ask her for it haha.

UPDATE: she is going to make me the mint colored one! Yipee!

the cat whisperer said...

Mint! Mint would be so pretty. Like mint, cream, and chocolate colors. It would be like a beautiful ice cream hat!

Anonymous said...

Ok. I am a douche. I completely missed this post!!!!!!! Ahhhhh. (hitting head on a desk) SORRRRRRRY. This hat is awesome. I plan on wearing it during the warmer weather too. I am getting one made in vintage teal... The one in the picture is a beige tweed. :) I LOVE THIS HAT! I wear it alot. You won't regret spending the money on it. It's so comfy and so cute. I have been back and forth from your blog alot lately I CAN"T BELIEVE I MISSED THIS! ARGH! I am so sorry. I love this hat. I don't know about the jamaica colors... I like the one with orange brown and cream... it's like an autumn one, but I think it is on Beautiful Bridget's etsy. not for sure. I love this hat. And this post cracked me up! Talking about your head being big but not Bratz doll big! ha ha ha ha. LAUGHING MY BIG FAT BUTT OFF.

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