Saturday, March 6, 2010


It is a beautiful beautiful day here in Fredericton! About 9 degrees Celsius and not a cloud in the sky. This morning I went to the Honda dealership and paid for my new motorcycle. They all shook my hand and were like "Congratulations on being an owner" :D Mom did the same thing when I got home. I was like hmmmmm, I am an owner, aren't I? Feels pretty good! HAHA. Britt!!! I own a motorbike and you own a bus pass. Buahahahaha! I wwwwiiin! ..I love you..haha.

Then I went to the market, picked up dads Harley Davidson earrings from the repair guy and got some Betty Lee spring rolls YUM ($2.60 for 2...still working with budget...) Was going to go to the library but then realized I didn't have my card, and couldn't afford the $2 new card I went home.

My poor car seriously needed a shower after 2 weeks of driving to SJ. The carwash lineup was huge, so I brought it home, set up the hose, and washed it outside. Pretty amazing that we can wash our car outside in the beginning of March. This time last year the snow was piled up higher then my car.

Here it is all clean and shiny!
Back yard! There were kids playing next door.
In bare feet on the porch..and not a bit cold.
Me and Cali chillin in the kitchen. Uh, where are the cupboard doors?
Oh, here they are. Being painted!
Then Liam came out to play.
And by play, I mean sit. 
Have a lovely weekend!

xo Ms Owner

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broom broommmmmmm!


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