Friday, November 9, 2012


You know. Today I got TOLD by my co-worker. Basically he told me that by 25 people should have their lives together - work, relationships, kids, the entire kit and caboodle. He's sitting there, telling me this, and all I can think is - Buddy, you are 24. What do you think is going to happen in one year? That your fairy god mother is going to swoop down and perfect your life?

I was feeling pretty good about myself, before this conversation. I'm 24. I have a wicked degree. I have a full time job. I make the money. I've done good for myself. I did exactly what I set out to do when I applied for University coming out of high school.

But ya, I don't have kids. I'm not married. I have no significant relationship in my life to speak of save the one I have with The Walking Dead. Does that make my life sad? I don't know.. I mean how much of someones life is dictated by that of anothers? Do we need someone to be happy? I DESPISE when I hear women whining "Oh I'm so lonely I don't have a boyfriend, waah waaah!" I mean get over it, there's more to life.

But then, is there?

I am twisting all up in my mind here. I definitely would love to be in a relationship right now with someone I loved, and who loved me. Someone to be that one person for you and you for them and all that comes with a meaningful relationship. But I also would love a million dollars. And it's not that simple.

And now that I can't get this subject out of my mind I feel like I am jinxing myself. Like, people always say "If you're looking for it, it won't happen. But the minute you're not, there it will be."

Well I guess this is where I say to myself: Self, maybe you should concentrate on your own self for awhile. ("Say self again." "Self.")

Eugh deep conversations with co-workers. #Keepitlight


Lillian said...

I was far from the "all together" at 25. Heck I'd just come out of a really bad relationship at 24, hadn't met the man I would eventually marry (we married the summer we turned 26) and we certainly didn't own our home or have children when we were 25. In fact we were well into our 40's before we owned our first home. I didn't have my Bachelor's till my daughter was at uni., and I just rec'd my Master's. I'm a long way away from 25.

Your coworker needs to get a clue. Life happens, but we certainly don't arrive whole-cloth at 25. In fact, if you aren't growing, learning new things, adapting, or attempting to grow, learn new things, and adapt all your life, I would venture to say you are stuck and have no life!

Clearly wisdom is not his strong suit. It sounds like to me like maybe he's making an odd play for you. RUN!!!

And try not to let his simple-mindedness cloud your good judgement. It sounds like you have a pretty great life right now. Sure things will change, but you are on the right road.

Lily-thinking thoughts

Nessa said...

I'm 24. I might have the boyfriend and kids, but I am so far from having it 'together'. I'd say most people don't have it all together until they're in their 30s.
Plus, I think those that have it all together too early, are more likely to go through a midlife crisis. I mean, when you have everything you want in life, what's next?

Robyn M. said...

I LOOOOVVVVEEE YOU!We have that old lady deal so were set. So fuck guys, who needs them? And I have nothing together! You are at least 2 steps ahead of me. I'm jealous yo self get to hang out with yo self, cause I want to hang out with yo self :)

Miss Wendy said...

I'm 28, I live in my parents basement, no kids, no significant does that mean I'm a loser? My life actually fell apart at 25, a lot of horrible things happened all at once that completely redirected me from the path I was going down. Shit happens. Life happens. And not everyone's life happens the same way. Screw your coworker, this is your life, your adventure, and it's going to go exactly how it is suppose to.

And if you're suppose to have your shit together by 25, I am royally screwed.

A girl in the world. said...

That guy was full of shit, nuff said. You're an inspiring independent woman makin dat green, and don't you forget it! A man will come along eventually, just give it time! <3

Anonymous said...

im 22 now but by the time I'm 25 I'll just have finished my medical degree and I will be in an intense residency program where my whole life will be in the hospital. There may be a boyfriend, but there will definitely not be time for kids or family life! That wont come for me until I'm at least 30 years old. Your co-worker has peaked in his/her life, but that doesn't mean that you have also. There is still so much more that you can do and so much more life to live before you have to get into that next phase.

Rhonda @bforever_young said...

There is no timeline for happiness. This guy has a lot to learn. Trust me.

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