Saturday, November 10, 2012

Trembling hands

I am here now.

This spot that is like fire, burning, bright and engulfing  It's more fun than you'll ever have. And more dangerous than anything you'll ever do.

Lately I've been wondering what's been going on. And I'm ready to surrender. Surrender to the enemies I am battling. To tremble in their outstretched palm. Exhilarated and intimidated - for once in my life timid. This is to be graceful and full of laughter. This is to be remembered.

Between that place and this, no regrets are left. The latter. The overstep. The deep plunge. This will be careful and calculated. This will be left up to chance. I have diamonds in my eyes that are reflected in yours. To be captured. This is a war.

I march with head held high, my eyes are smiling. And so are my feet. I see colors, they flash and direct my hands. My thoughts they're read like a book. An entwining that was never politely requested, such a private thing. Careful and calculated. Guarding. Give and take. Who are you if not what you feel. Crystal and beauty and fragility that will not fear destruction. That will surrender. I will not freeze.

This is a fire.

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