Monday, November 19, 2012


enjoying: that me and my sister sometimes do look the same
feeling: very very happy
loving: early Christmas decorations at my workplace!
singing: soldier's eyes by jack savoretti 
eating: liptons chicken noodle soup
wearing: big winter boots! YAY for not falling on my ass
craving: then i bought some...
obsessing: with w. loss
missing: nothing. i am extremely content with how this weekend went.
reading: the kill order (still, i am slow..)
watching: laguna beach
dreaming: of endless possibilities
wishing: that i had 20 seconds of insane courage
learning: to be
fighting: with terrible nightmares
deceiving: no one
playing: the best of games


WhitneyA said...

I hate cryptic tyler and love skype tyler. i need to be awake when you are off work sometime this week.

Tyler said...

haha I lurv you whitney i neeed some skype time with you.

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