Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Flu Symptoms

Tired: I have been feeling so fatigued lately, beginning last week and this week terribly. I am most definitely coming down with something. This feels worse than when I had mono.

My sister (and room-mate  had similar symptoms of fatigue last week and she was out of work this week two days puking her guts out for seemingly no reason. So I am basically waiting for this flu to catch up to me and just get it over with.

When you get sick or don’t feel well does anybody else get really depressed? I just feel so unhappy at this moment. Honestly I’ll tell you I am in need of a boyfriend right now because I think that would make me feel better. I mean a secured bf not someone I am dating because when you're dating someone you're still in that really nervous stage all the time where you don’t want to seem too needy. This is one of those times when you just want to have someone to be holding you or bringing you water or soup or just cheering you up and making you feel better. That’s so important.

That I currently do not have. And therefore I am depressed. Yupp – just call me Bella Swan and fuck you all! Seriously though, I had an amazing day today and my friend here really helped me out. I have been trying to get my winter tires put onto my car for the past month but it is like crazy out here I mean last turkey at the grocery store before thanksgiving crazy to try and get an appointment at a place to get your tires switched. I have been nervously sliding my way around town for weeks now on my summers. Today my friend found me a place to go, drove me home to get my car, actually went with me so I wouldn't have to go alone, waited there with me and came back with me. It was the sweetest thing. It was so thoughtful, honestly, he did it all himself I didn't even ask him to he just knew I was stressed out about it so he called around and got me an appointment at this random garage. It was even done for less $$ than if I would have made an appointment for a month from now at Canadian Tire. Instead of going back to work we went on a driving adventure to this house he is taking care of and ended up taking hours out of our work day in total just talking and stuff. This, my friends, is a good friend. Yes. See this is why I should not be feeling sad or depressed today! It makes no sense! Anyway, I have actually had a good day, but I still feel like shit. Thank you random Edmonton flu situation for making me feel depressed and needy for no reason whatsoever. OH and also I have my first hang out with some guys from work this weekend – other than going out after work or at lunch. I am excited we are going to see Skyfall. I am like a child excited because these are friends that I made without the aid of my sister in Edmonton. Yes. This is happening. Finally. Haha, well let’s hope so. And this is turning into the longest blog about nothing ever.

ONE MORE THING guess who I added on facebook last night when I couldn't sleep?? OH YES Mr. Colin Boyd. HAHA! Back from the grave. Actually I am really excited to talk to him again see where he is in life. This is what I mean about times changing, and people changing (check my twitter feed). I was reading old blogs last night looking back at my relationship with that guy and just cringing. And now I have zero feeling about it so it is great!! This. This is how I wish all relationships were. I am tired of feeling feelings, because there is just always too much drama. CUT the drama.

Oh, I wish.

 A self-portrait.


Anonymous said...

Talk about a roller coaster ride! I'm sorry you're not feeling well. There are some days when I just feel sad, and I'm not sure why. It will pass. On the other hand, have fun with your friends.

Rhonda @bforever_young said...

I didn't mean to post anonymously.

Tyler said...

haha Thanks Rhonda!!

Robyn M. said...

When I'm sick I always want my mom, even though she is usually doesn't do much. So maybe that is the same as a bf. Cause you think this hypothetical guy would be helpful but really he'd be all like "Babe I'm going to stay away while you get better, I don't want to get sick". And you certainly wouldn't want to get him sick cause boys are the worst when they're sick. Anyways I hope you don't get the terrible flu and I'm excited you're making friends! Lots of friends are probably better than one bf. I love you!

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