Thursday, November 1, 2012

Man-friend problems

I swear to God I am so tired of boys being pissy.  You're not in High School anymore. Get it together!

Lately at work I have been making some much closer friends - still in the 'work friend' category but definitely getting closer to the 'real friend' end of the spectrum. But honestly the more I get to know some of these guys, and let me tell you, they are all guys, I am seeing a whole new side of them! And it's chalk full of boy drama (that exists?? who fuckin knew)

Two of them really don't like each other and I get to hear about that all day long - like guys you work together, get over it. I strongly dislike one fellow I work with but I am still civil towards him, I just don't make a point to go talk to him. It's easy guys - if you don't like someone, do yourself a favor - stay out of their way and forget about them! Or else strip down and duke it out. Preferably with some sort of oil involved, you handsome devils you.

Sometimes I don't understand guys and what their problems are. Please, just get over it and do not get mad at me because of it!

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bahaha that brings so many memories... I was nodding the whole time I read this haha

also, your hair looks awesome!! :)

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