Sunday, November 25, 2012

Good Sunday morn to you!

I think I am finally clear of sickness - my body has been resourceful enough so that I didn't get any flu symptoms other than being over tired and cranky. And seems that my sister is cured as well! Speaking of cranky - an 'Anonymous' mean person has been leaving hate comments on my blog.



Someone has too much time on their hands to go twice out of their way to comment on my last blog post. I wasn't going to acknowledge it but I guess I want them to know it does actually hurt my feelings - and this is my blog, right? So I get to talk about whatever the fuck I want to. Whoever you are, because of course you posted as anonymous - admitting who you actually are would mean admitting to yourself and the world that you are a bully. Being unfriendly and hurtful is being a bully. You have bullied me. An opinion is an opinion, but saying purposefully hateful things is very different. And success, you've been heard so can you please go back to living your perfect little life and never let me or my worries cross your minds path again? It would be very much appreciated. Thank you. Sincerely, me.

Moving on - I went to the movies with my friend from work: Skyfall, and it was excellent! I am not a huge fan of James Bond, but I loved the music and the cinematography. And Daniel Craig's chest - aholay crap. Be more ripped. Do it. Dooo it.

This weekend has overall been tiring but good. Lots and lots of Christmas presents bought Friday and Saturday, two birthday parties Saturday evening and some volleyball today. Does anyone else just friggin love buying Christmas presents? I am looking at everything right now, just can't wait to give it to you guys - one month (less than!) until I am visiting home with my family and friends!

I just love you guys.


Robyn M. said...


Lillian said...

I started monitoring my comments because I was getting mean and nasty ones, one person thought it was cool to attack my commenters. Of course they were always anonymous. The anonymous comments have stopped since setting my comments to moderation.

I have a rule, sometimes it's hard to follow but if a person refuses to sign a complaint letter or be known to me, their opinion is not worth the time it took me to read it and so I discard it.

On another note; I am glad you're feeling better. Praying you stay healthy!

Lily-thinking thoughts

girl on a mission said...

Sorry people are not happy unless they are hurting someone. I'm glad you're able to let it go. I started a blog! I was inspired by you.

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