Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Oh my god. With that title, I have tooooo many jokes.

First question: WHAT is Lent???

Answer: youtube

Fell asleep around 0:26 seconds. Tuned back in around "Still, darkened valley.."

This sounds horrible!! Attempt #2.


And finally because this one looks promising...

Don't bother watching, it is too long. Summary: So, Jesus needs a vaca, goes for a hike in the dessert (bad hiking choice), prays, climbs a mountain, sits in the mountain and is really really happy about it, prays some more, there's animals involved, he chases them, then gets depressed, contemplates the full moon, watches rain fall, drinks the water, experiences new life in the desert, almost dies from exhaustion (told you, dessert, baaad choice), follows a snake into a cave, angels descend and talk to him, jesus experiences a vision of himself only to reject him and instead prepares to die. Eventually the angels drag jesus's dying body back to town. Somewhere in all that he is tempted by Satan and resists him but that's only a minor part, right? Oh ya, and guess how long he was out there - BINGO 40 Days!

Ok whatever enough I guess I'm just going to do it.

What I am giving up for LENT: Probably one of my favorite things in the world.

drum roll please.

I'm already depressed.

40 whole when can I start eating meat again? OH SHIT IT'S 46 DAYS WHATTHEFACK! Feb 22 to April 7th...gaah. It will be the Day of Meat.

This is never going to happen. Never ever, ever. Please start taking bets on me now, how many days I will last. PS Today officially doesn't count because I already packed my lunch before I decided I was giving up meat. It's chicken. All chicken. Ha! Also I was told Lent was 40 days, NOT 46. They're lucky I'm not taking SIX cheat days.

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Brittany said...

Lent is technically 46 days, but you are allowed to indulge in whatever you have given up on Sundays because Catholics don't believe in depriving yourself on Sundays (day of rest..). So you're allowed to eat meat on Sundays if you like, and have it still be within the rules! :-)

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