Monday, February 6, 2012

It's time to breakup

I have been a professional relationship watcher for about 2 years now. And let me tell you, I am getting pretttttty good. I pride myself on being able to look at both sides unbiased and come to simple conclusions as to whether I think a couple will last or should seriously just break up.


Let me tell you I've now had a first hand experience. I have realized I am unhappy in my own relationship. There. I said it.

Mom, Dad, I love you. But we have to break up.

I was looking in my mirror and thinking to myself and the thought just kind of exploded in my mind. Like, I knew it was there all along, but it kind of hid in the back and never drew attention to itself so I never noticed it before. I just thought, this is what it must feel like when someone in a long term relationship realizes they're no longer happy. And there it was, and I knew it was the truth.

I have lived at home for basically my entire life and am about 3 months away from graduating escaping University and my home town. It only makes sense that I lived at home through my expensive university degree since my house is about 15 minutes away from campus and both my sisters did the same before me BUT I am feeling the need to grab my gear and run as fast and as far away as I can. I am restless and unhappy with my familiar routine and have decided that I am ready to break out and begin a new adventure in life.

I want to learn, cry, love and f*ck my heart out, somewhere new and on my own terms.

...and to live.


a. said...

and you should! I have lived with 1 to 3 roomates some girl roomies, and a couple boys. I have also lived on my own, all by myself and its great! As much as we love our parents, there comes a time when its better to leave the nest than stay

Robyn M. said...


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