Sunday, February 12, 2012

iTunes hates me

Does anyone else have extreme trouble with iTunes?

Currently my shit list includes:

  • Won't properly download the new version. Fails, EVERY TIME.

  • If a song does not have a proper album cover my iPod is currently shows a (rather creepy) photo of the lead singer of Lights (?) in it's place. Could you get anymore random. No, iPod. That is not the cover of Flo Rida's new whip.

  • Points for use of the word "whip"...even though it didn't really work.
I am not a music 'connoisseur' (according to the definition I just read while googling how to spell connoisseur) so when my Music list surpasses 1000 songs it's kind of a big deal. Currently I am at 1471. That's approximately 471 songs more than I am comfortable with.

Solution: play your iTunes list, scrub out songs you don't like/why the HELL did you even download them in the first place. Oh ya, cuz they were free. (Thank you, KaZaa! You all remember that...right? I'm too old..)

Uh...where was I? Oh YA. What I found out is that 90% of the time I have downloaded the exact same song. Sometimes up to 4 times! Did I really need to download Taylor Swift - White Horse SIX TIMES.


So now I spend my free time listening to the shitty shit shit that I downloaded onto my iTunes. Whoop for me.

Good day all! and Wish me luck with this endeavour.

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